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Pisces women “Phy in ❤ with an Aries ♈ Man

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    I fell in love ❤ almost instantuously with my biggie, the day I met him at Foxwoods. All the bells went off and he was smitten by me, as well. Telling me time and time again ” how young I looked” ( which should I been my first clue. Yet even as we spent the day together it was almost surreal and oddly people approached us asking ” how long we had been together” , we looked so much in love. I guess we appeared to be compatible and ny Aries man put out the charm and made me feel as was the center if his universe, if at least for the day. Prior to that meeting we talked to hours and the passion was bubbling over . Yet I learned overtime that even with his ” genuine overtures” lied a desperate, who would do anything for his selfish motives. I convinced myself that he loved me, even pressed for him to admit his “dying love to me. Prior he just his true love of 20 yrs and unbenounced to me wanted her back desperately even to the point of having me change my hair color, requesting me to have a nose job in the name of ” love” , that he claims he is with me ” finally”. Needless to say through her loss from cancer,, his illness there have been financial set backs, I assisted . He continued to declare his live and commitment to me. He gas been a supporter and true friend but we have never been intimate, he wanted a “full commitment ” with me and that includes moving in together, learning more about his likes (music and interests) before we take it to the next step and then it happened I stumbled on emails from other women, one in particular he sent a pic and would foward more if she was interested and that he was not that far from the ” casinos”. I confronted him and was told he was into” virtual sex” and that if he was doing anymore than that he would of NEVER made it obvious for me to find. And since I could not commit to him entirely at this point, he needed to look out for his needs and then confessed he cheated on his beloved but it physically happened, but with me he NEVER cheated and was doing what most men do and it did not mean he was NOT in love with me. I think U am being played as last resort ( replacement of his mom) he once said he would come my door in a bassinet and binky if I ever left him. I heard him ball his eyes out last night when I told him ” I loved him” past tense and he has not stop calling or texting yesterday and today, worried about the thought of me leaving him” his security blanket”. He seems genuine to some degree but he messed with a Pisces ♓, my gut instinct says cut the cord , any thoughts?

    I am an attractive 55 yr old women he is 69 and his deceased partner was 15 yrs younger than him( a Leo perfect for him) he regrets the way he treated her and I think he is reliving their relationship with me, any thoughts?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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