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Why won’t my twin flame stop fearing his emotions and come to be with me

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    I met my twin flame 3 months ago when he was playing jazz bass in a group. He noticed me and friended me on fb, i was too busy to notice. When i did I went to his site and chose his profile photo and he changed it. I went to another gig and took photos and he presented me w/a token gift then ran away. I spoke to him on fb because he was suicidal as a girl, he is 35 and i am 56, left him and broke his heart. I managed to get him on his feet. Then another was mean to him, he is a kind and sweet moody life path 5 libra and he was down again and i got him up again thru messaging. I saw him a third time ill w/bronchitis and suddenly had to leave as smoke came in the club. As I got ready to leave w/my friend he looked at me deep as if to say where are you going? He may be 35 but he has an older soul. His heart jumped out at me as I left. I wrote him a poem after i was in the er unable to breathe and i held that photo in my lap to breathe as only my twin could calm me. I sent the poem and have been writing ever since 2 months but he got mad and blocked me on facebook when i thought he wanted to just be friends and i mentioned his depression and that i could help him as i am a healer. He over reacted emotionally to the intensity and snapped shut. I am tired and I think it is time i let him go. He wont call, write or unblock me. He is my twin flame but I am disabled and when he blocked me i had a nervous collapse and my disability has been flaring badly ever since. I feel it is time to sever the cord and let him do the work to stop his fear. I told him to read the power of now and about fear and the pain body. I don’t know whether to continue writing or to stop. I need advice—-Sue-zen healer and tarot reader and musician…..3 psychics say wait for him that love is coming…..peace

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    As I see it I don’t see any love or purpose in this relationship. Why bother?

    The best thing you could do right now is pay attention to your own health and emotional hurt. Take a look at our Solutions page and try out a few things.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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