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plz help Im realy need it

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    I love this gemini gril she’s a lot youger than me but I relly love her but the problm is se doesn,t feel the same way about me she just want to be friends now we’ll we where togther for a mount. A wail back and she whe were hapy together but w broke aup a wail back don,t no y she sais she dnt have feelings for me only as a friend but every time I try to move on she. Comes back to me and sais she love me and she misses me and all that stof but w she chages her maind againd and only want to be friends again I’m her best guy friend as she saia but I want to be more I relly love her is there any ting I can do to get her back just need this one chance again I now it will
    work out

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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