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Red Sonja characters zodiac signs

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    Can anybody with special skilled expertise tell me what the zodiac signs would be for the characters in the Arnold movie Red Sonja according to what i describe about them? They are below,

    Red Sonja- Has lots of shrewd thoughts, extremely vain and loyal, cool and a little unfriendly, has self-motives.

    Kalidor- Valiant, egotistical, relentless, determined, self centered, wild, and exhuberant, extremely pietious and serene.

    Falkon- Righteous and noble, clutzy, clumsy, cute, warm, caring, honest, a great soul and loving heart, a true realist.

    Prince Tarn- Arrogant, childish, kiddish, mean, cruel, extremely righteous, spoiled, demanding, a true realist and honest warrior.

    Ikol- Sinister, insecure, malicious, grand, weak personality, secretive about a friendly side he cannot express.

    Lord Brytag- Boisterous, sadistic possibly even bi-polar, cruel, mysoginistic maniac *******, hateful, noble and prideful.

    Djart- Righteousness obsessions, warmhearted and twilight personalitied, characteristic and warlike, has a hint of being great at self acceptance and a knack for being a realist of war.

    Varna(Red Sonjas sister)- Quiet, timid, shy, no personality, wise, spirited, warlike and extremely dangerous.

    Kendra- Righteous and noble, dazzled, not ingenuitive, warlike and dangerous.

    Maid of Gedren- Easily controlled and mesmerized, helpless, egoistic, loyal, sexual.

    Red Sonjas father- Casual thoughted, loyal, noble, humble, tough, full of willpower.

    Red Sonjas mother- Caring, weaker personality, oppressive, kind, easily bedazzled.

    Barlok(Red Sonjas brother)- A honored war asset, loyal, cool, and trustworthy, has lots of character and requisite.

    Gedrens wizard- Feeble, anxious, bewildered, mentally disturbed, erratic, mesmerized, easily controlled, loyal, obeys orders.

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