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regarding me n her..

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    i feel tht i want to spend my life with a girl whom i saw about 20 days back and today was first day i talked to her fr about 2 hours. Issue is tht she is 4 june 1990 born and i am 20 oct 1978 born..first of all age differnce, second religon, they are nt financialy good and live in one room portion. and the only major issue which bothers me is tht her father is a drug-addict and dont hv good reputation in area and i came to know ths wen she told me about him while talking. I had countless relations but nothing worked, and being open with u its not at all difficult fr me to make girl lie on bed with just using words.. but i want her in my life for what exactly i want to know from u is tht if i go fr her and even mess with both her and my family, will i be able to be with her..?? yes i love her and this is first time ever i feel this..

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    That was inevitable, within few week Ketu (or Moon’s South Node) will grasp your natal Moon. What that means in plain english is that “unconcious desires” from your past are coming up, and that’s why it took you only 20 days to decide that she’s the one for you. Some people will take more than 2 yrs, but it took you only 2 hours of chat. 😉

    Anyway Love is all about accepting everything about that person, even if she does things which you do not approve of. Are you prepared?

    If not, just be friends… and see how far just the friendship goes.

    If I was in your position, I would do lots of things to neutralize the past karmic debts which are coming up now because debts always mean pain and trouble.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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