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    I’m a Aries women. I was with a Taurus man for a long time. Thought at first it was good loving relationship. But ended up being all about him all the time. The relationship was good only when he wanted it to be,others wise it was dramatic closed off and moody all brought by him. He created a lot of problems based on obsessions and unrealisticness in his head. Anyway ended it. Now with Capricorn man 15 years older than me. Lovely , fun, fantastic relationship so far, but guardedand scarred from Taurus because that seemed good at first too, is this Capricorn the one for me? I really like him, but don’t want to waste time if not the right one, what do u think?


    I’m sorry to hear of what you went through with your ex. It must have felt like you were walking on egg shells most of time. It is very difficult when someone wants their own way most of the time.

    When you enter into a new relationship with someone else, you have the fears of the past relationship creep into the new relationship. I can’t tell you if the two of you are meant to be together or not, but I would just enjoy being together. See how things go. Just take way day at a time and remember that you are not dating your ex, you are dating someone else. You don’t really want to paint him with the same brush. I’m having fears myself of entering into a new relationship with a man. I’ve turned down alot of men in fear of being abused by them. Don’t give up a chance of happiness like I am. Don’t make the same mistake I’m making!


    Blessings to you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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