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    I’m a taurus man and my aquarius girlfriend broke up with me officially on may 18th. We were together for 3 months and I know we’re both opposite signs but I’d like to know if she will come back to me.


    Astrological signs have really nothing to do with compatability. All relationships no matter what astro-sign you are, take work and acceptance of their flaws.

    With that being said, three months is not a very long time to be in a relationship with someone. Both of you would just be starting to get to know each other. As some people here know, I am a HUGE believer in the No Contact Policy after a break-up. If the relationship didn’t work out, than usually it wasn’t meant to be. No Contact means, not contacting the individual in any way shape or form. That includes, unexpected visits to their residence, contacting them by e-mail, facebook, texts, letters or by a friend or associate you are both associated with. This works the same way if the individual tries to contact you as well. The same rules apply.

    It takes time to heal from broken relationships. It unfortunately happens to all of us. Taking steps forward to looking after yourself and your own well-being is crucial so you can move on and forward with your life and be able to be in a relationship with someone else. Looking after yourself includes, eating healthy and regular exercise, going out with friends, keeping busy and doing things that you enjoy doing. Having a trusted friend that you can rely on to talk about how your feeling will also help you to move forward.

    Take care of yourself



    m libra n met my sag man. m 19 nw n he 22. our reltnshp lastd 4 jst 4mnths. he was d best thng i ever had. wenevr v usd 2 meet v wud alys get involvd in lovemaking. it was hard 4 me 2 let him go. i 1st forcd him nt 2 leave me. he usd 2 say GO AWAY. he was blunt n hurtd me a lot. wen it was over i felt relief. he stil kept on callin me aftr breakup. it stil hurtd me coz of his linkups wid gals. aftr 8mnths of our breakup he had new gf. i was nt over him. it hurtd me evn more. i chgd my no.i decided nt 2 b n contact wid him. n m happy dat its ovr. he has lost me nw. he stil tries 2 contact me n cal me. bt i dnt hav dat guts 2 pick up his cal n talk wid him. once it was lyk i cnt liv widout talkin wid him. n nw i dnt hav ny guts m afraid 2 tak wid him. afraid of gettin hurt again. dnt knw y he stil cals me?? whtr it 4 askin 4givenes or sumthg else. dnt knw. can sum1 tel me y cals me?    


    Hi misslibra;

    That must have been confusing to you and hurt you! He appears to send you mixed signals by telling you to “go away” and then pursuing you by continuing to contact you. The thing I’m wondering is he may have in the back of his mind the relationship he had with you. He seems to want to keep his foot in the door. You need to close that door and lock it tight. Do not allow him access in anyway back into your life.

    I would like to ask you, is his behavior harrassing towards you? For example: showing up unexpectantly at public places you are at…making unwanted visits to your residence…using friends or family to find out information about you…sending you letters…e-mails, or any way or forms of communication. If he is constantly exhibiting this type of behavior, it is called “criminal harrassment” and you may want to talk to the police to find out what you can do and the police would probably talk to him and warn him. Maybe also getting a restraining order as well or a peace bond would be beneficial if he is harrassing you (also know as stalking).

    Personally, I think he is an annoyance more than anything and I would prevent ways for him to contact you (like blocking him on facebook, e-mail accounts etc… so you can move on with you life and when you have healed from the relationship, you can move forward into another relationship.

    Take care of yourself and look after your well-being.

    Blessings to you and I’m asking the angels to guide and direct you!



    hi @ Gabriella.
    he was good at 1st. he wntd 2 marry me evn i wntd 2. coz my fly is orthodox type so i declined him. dats y he rude 2 me nw n tels 2 go away. he came bck many times askin hw r u? wat u doin? r u single? evn after breakin up twice. nw ive chgd my no he keeps callin on landline n givs mis cal so dat my fly members wnt find out whos callin bt i knw its hes no. n i keep numb. v liv far away 4m each othr.only means of contactin is thru phone. n he blockd me 4m fb 2 . m nt on fb nw deld my a/c.

    Ask Oracle

    @misslibra I read your comments and your posts above and clearly this relationship had nothing to do with Love. Why even bother if there is no Love at all? Life is short and there are a lot more important things.

    You are quite young and you need to learn to how to handle all these problems on your own and at the same time work on your capacity to experience best possible loving relationships. It starts with having a great health (both physical and mental), confidence and enjoying/celebrating each and every moment of Life.

    At this time it would be better for you to completely let go of this person, pay no attention to any details. Take this as an opportunity to learn and grow as a human being.


    Hi MissLibra;

    I agree with Oracle in respects that the relatinship you were in with this individual had nothing to do with love. If this guy truly loved you, he wouldn’t be behaving the way he is.

    I do think the advice that the oracle has provided is pretty stable and solid. Thinking about this individual is not worth your time and your energy. Unfortunately, we will come across some individuals like this in our relationships and our lives. They are learning experiences and a chance to grow from them and work on more productive and fulfilling relationships in your life in the future.

    Yes, you are still young, but not young enough to know what it is like to be in love. It is proven that women devolope and mature psychologically than men do. It is important at this point in your life to focus on your education by going to college or university. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t throw your life away over one simpleton!


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