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relationship with my boy friend

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    I would like to know when am going to get marry. My aries man that am seeing at the moment got a partner but he told me that he love her but need more that why he is geting involve with me. Please could you tell me if me and him will settle down one day. I would like to know when it will happen.  am going to have his child if so will he be surpotive.

    I was about to let him go but he said that he feel for me even so I should never hate him, is that true as been seeing him for 4 months.

    I got very strong feeling for him but not sure if he love me like we talk of looking after one another.

    I got very strong feeling for him and would love to have a child with him.

    will we be living together for long time.

    could you see if am going to have a child or more children in futre. tell me how many even if none that ok

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