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Scorpio love life

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    How successful will I be in love this year? I am currently with a Cancer man and me and him are in long distance and he is telling me he needs to get money right now and cant be in a relationship. I am scared of losing him because he is the best i could ever have. he has told me he wants me in his future, would a cancer say that if he doesnt mean it? but then sometimes he says that he cant tell the future. He tells me he loves me all the time, and im just really hoping that when he gets his life together that we can be something again. Because our relationship was perfect before and not like we broke up because of trust issues or cheating, we just simply had to because of the distance. Do cancers usually go back to their ex if their ex was amazing to them and took care of them and showed them love? I need to know these answers from a cancer himself or from someone who has had experience with cancers. He is my everything and tells me i will be having his kid, but im afraid he is gonna find someone new in the mean time.

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