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Scorpio man Aries woman

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    Hello, I am an aries girl and I’ve known this scorpio guy for almost two years now and when we met there were instant sparks. For two weeks he called me and texted me all the time. But after that we got into a fight and didn’t speak for at least two months and when we spoke again it was like the first time. once again it probably lasted two weeks and we started fighting again but it was for something very useless. Since then I just cant have a day without thinking about him and i always have these dreams of us two kissing talking or just looking at eachother. saddly we only speak every three to four months and its always conversations like hows life how are you and stuff.I feel like he is the love of my life but I often wonder if someday things will get better and if he feels the way that i feel about him. Can anyone help me?

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