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Smiles and says hello

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    It’s been 2 years now.  He smiles and says hello.  Because of his position he is unable to talk to me on going, but he always makes emphasis when in my space.  Recently, I was in search of a person in the building we were in after an event.  As I scanned the room, unable to find the person I was looking for, I looked up and caught him looking at me.  Being a person of pragmatic appropriateness and concerned if someone was looking, I walked over and shook his hand.  The smile on my face was almost uncontrollable and as we spoke politely it, we sounded like we were giggling.  This virgo man is a public speaker, but once I went up to him to make a request, and as he began to speak he began to stutter and could not stop.  One day he mentioned publicly that he stuttered as a child but didn’t as an adult.  He said that when he get anxious and nervous he could feel it coming but was able to control it.  He has such a strong presence, I don’t know how to let him know that I am interested without appearing too forward. 

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