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Taurus confused with Libra

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    I’m a 23 yr old male Taurean/snake and she is a 28 yr old Libra/rat and I absolutely cannot figure her out. We are linked in such a weird way…besides the fact she is so perfectly balanced and beyond beautiful, she has an uncanny ability of showing me my weaknesses, and the things I want to change. As if we are “karmically linked” as some would say. What we share is incredible, we can talk for hours on end as well as all the mushy stuff. I could make out with her for eternity….that would be my perfect heaven. Behind closed doors she makes me feel like a kid again…as if I’m getting to learn about love all over again….(with a different mpaa rating). But where most people see   indecision, I see the most unbiased, and perfectly balanced way of making a decision. Almost the same way I would. I can’t tell if she’s just taking her time, because I know how badly she was hurt before me, and some people just need time to learn how to love again. Or if I’m just a nice little ego boost for her while she does things that make her feel bad about herself until I come along and reassure her that she’s actually a real catch! And it’s about time someone treated her so. I’ve heard a couple “not right nows” and “eventuallys” from her and it makes me wonder… I’ve never really bought into the whole soulmate thing but when I’m with this girl, my entire world stops…and it’s like I can breathe. It makes me want to believe that this stuff exists…..Any response would help and be much appreciated…..

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