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    so, I moved here last May(in my own place) because this guy I met had asked me to. I just want to know is anything more ever going to develop between us? Is there a future for us together? He is a Scorpio, I am a Taurus. If I didn’t like him so much, I would not have moved 2 & 1/2 hours away to another state. I started a whole new life & left my family & children who are 20 & 23. I do love him though.


    Thank u 🙂


    oh my god,,u mean u are married,,? u have children who are 20-23,,even i m in that age group,,i cant imagine my mom leaving me n going away like that,,it would be sooooo painful to me,oh god! my mom is very good thogh she loves me,n i love her a lot 🙂

    i dont know what to anwer u ! im an indian,,n in our tradition most of us love n marry the same person,,have family n live with that person for the entire life! 🙂 There must b other peple too who break their marriage ,bt i m not familiar with such people! it sounds scary to me,,ur kids must be missing u ,crying for their mom!They must be scared in rainy nights sleeping all alone ,as now their mom will not come to hug them,caress them on their head n say ”dont worry my little daughter/son,,m with you,,dont be scared”! Or when they will be hurt by someone,they wouldnt find their mom to share their feelings with! So sad ! May god make everything right in your lives,,so that everyone is happy! Sorry to dissapoint u aunty,i know i didnt anwer ur question,bt m too emotional,cudnt stop myself from writing after reading that u have children,,n u left them,,as i love my mom very much,n a single thot of staying away from her scares me !

    thank u 🙂


    im curious if u are angry after reading my post! hope i didnt make u angry !:)

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    no, I am not angry for what u said. I can understand why u said that. I am no longer married, I thought I would be with my husband for the rest of my life, but it didn’t work out like that. My children lived with me after I was separated. My children & I are very close. My son is 23 & has a son of his own & a girlfriend so he did not want to move here with me. My daughter moved in with her grand parents where her father was staying at first. She is going to college & working & we talk on the phone. Of course I miss my children so much. My son just got a place to rent & there’s an extra bedroom I can stay in when I visit so now I can visit much more often. I just pray he can keep it because he needs it, his roommate just decided to leave & my son needs to find another roommate quick!


    wow u replied me,,m so happy to get my first reply ! Thank u !n thank u so much for not being angry n understanding why i said all that,,n m sorry i missunderstood you,,now im convinced that what u r doing is not bad,,ur children are not left alone,they have thier own happy lives ! I pray to god that ur son gets a new roommate,n u and ur daughter be happy in ur lives with ur loved ones ! After all,,very few people get a chance to come out of their unhappy lives n breathe in fresh air ! I know how it feels to b trapped at a place u dont want to…! Best of luck to you,,may u live the rest of ur live more happily,freely! 🙂

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