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Understanding the flaws of my partner

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    Me and my partner are both Capricorns. His birthday is December 25th, 1988, and mine is December 28th 1990. I personally have been seeing the coldness of Saturn lately in him and it is causing me to become skeptical of our relationship and question the future of it. There is no fire , no passion towards me anymore. I understand the flaws of being a Capricorn, but I would appreciate help in understanding how to deal with the flaws in a relationship setting. He is cold, he is distant, he is selfish, he is stubborn, and he is closed minded. He will not compromise, he can be very harsh, and he can be condescending. Another problem I have is that he does not believe the same way I do. He reads his horiscope daily, yet never seeks answers in the stars or neither does he feel that they really have an impact on who we are, or the choices we make, while I, on the otherhand, do. It’s hard to approach him from an alternative way of thinking, because like I said, he is very closed minded. One good thing is there is no fight for dominance in our relationship. We sometimes alternate the role but he is mainly the head of it. While our relationship is not the best, it is not the worst and I know that we can make it work. I would just like some advice on how to handle a dual Capricorn relationship and how to overcome the negative traits of our sign. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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