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Unfinished Sympathy with a capricorn man

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    I Realllly don’t know what to do….. advice wanted!!!!! I am a cancerian woman who ended a relationship of 6 years finding out the man really scorned me, after a long period of being heartbroken and resentment I decided that I wanted to move on. So I got introduced to a capricorn man by a friend of mine, from the moment I saw him I felt tremendously attracted to him he was so mysterious,calm and laid back and so aloof o boy what an aloofness… For the cancerian I am it took me a couple glasses of wine to make the first step but the moment I did it was like he was waiting for it. So we talked a little bit, after some bumping and grinding he asked for my number and I gave it to him. In the first place I wanted just to have a one night stand with him. (A tremendous step and so not me but I really wanted to shake my ex off of me) and he took the hint….

    So we texted for almost a week and the week after that we made the appointment for him to come over to my place, We really had an amazing and long night to be honest the best Sex I ever had (and for him too he even said that) and from that moment I couldn’t shake this man of my mind I could even say that I am falling for him

    After that we met again and then he went on a vacation, he said that he was very into me, he even texted me while he was on vacation with his friends and said that he couldn’t wait to see me. After his vacation we met again but I just got very confused by his behavior of the last time we met. He came and we had sex and he left immediatly and I really didnt know what to say to him at that moment I was so flabbergasted. I felt kind of hurt by his behavior but I didnt say it.

    After that I didn’t approach him, I thought I’ll wait untill he makes the first move and then tell him that I wasn’t fond of that but he didn’t and since then I keep thinking of him and I have this feeling that there could be more of the two of us.

    I just don’t know what to do. I am so afraid of being rejected if I approach him and I don’t want to come a across as someone who’s desperate.

    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase your advice

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