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Why can’t they be honest?

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    Okay, so I’m stuck, and it isn’t a great feeling. I was being pursued by two men. One was my ex who wanted another shot, an Aquarius, and I made it clear that we could be friends but that’s it. The other was a Gemini, and the attraction was mutual. We talked for weeks on end. Conversation was always interesting with no dull moments. We were constantly engaged in conversations that challenged us to think outside the box, and open our eyes to different views. Well, one thing led to another, and I fell in love. He claimed to have felt the same. We went out for a date, and I was left thinking that things were going well. He told me he loved me the next day. Then nothing. What the heck?!? Now I am wondering if he’s okay and what the hell happened and when things turned. I’m wanting to know if the closure that was offered to me is the truth? And if so, why couldn’t he just be honest. He was so honest about everything else… so why not this?

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