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weird cancer behavior

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    this is just too…confusing. @oracle, is really normal for a cancer to blast out on someone just so normally?

    i mean, i’ve never seen myself get soo angry soo easily! what the hell can be wrong?? and the strangest thing is that i dont know why i get so angry!!!

    people will really think i’m mental, but i know i cant get into so many fights this easily, atleast it wasnt like that before.

    what is wrong?

    Ask Oracle

    Nothing is wrong with you. That’s perfectly normal, don’t suppress it. Perfect opporunity to understand Anger and Revenge, and to master it.

    There is only “limited” amount of anger inside you and you can easily empty it by not trying to “control or push” it. The results are amazing and healing.

    If its interferring and conflicting with your social goals, then try this:

    a) Let it come up and let it keep coming until you become Anger. You’ll be so much filled with energy, short breaths, heart pumping tonnes of blood, that you might not remain aware of the surroundings.

    b) Take a pillow, and “assume” as if its that person/situation causing problems for you. Beat it harder, slap it, kick it with all your energy and anger. Give it your best, and even go as far and deep as possible in your revenge.

    c) Within minutes, Anger will be gone and you’ll attain a very peaceful state of mind. Success!

    You may want to practice it a few times before a real situation demands it. This will help you let go of Anger permanently and as you empty out emotions of Anger/Revenge it will be very healing for you.

    You’ll enter in a state called “Non-violence”. Joy flows in, world will become very friendly, you’ll attract many people to you and bodies’ immunity will improve drastically 🙂


    hey, i tried it, and thanks…it does help a little. i guess i’ll be more calmer the next time i smell it coming…

    another thing i wanted to ask you guys, and which i’d already posted in another blog, HOW do i get to understand a scorpion girl? she’s my BFF and we’re really great together, but then, its true when they said that scorpions sting…

    i have no idea why she acts like the way she does. she acts like a rock…completely emotionless.

    how do i get to know that she does care for me, and that she’s not jealous of me and that she actually does love me as her sister?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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