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when will i get married?

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    When will i get married 19thnov, 85 time: 8.32am


    I had a problem with my boyfriend six months ago,which lead to us apart.

    When he broke up with me,I was no longer myself,I fill so empty inside

    sorry.Until a friend of mine told me about one of her spells that helped in

    same problem too. i email the spells and I told him my problem

    and I did what he asked me to briefly make. the long story Before I knew it

    what happened,not 48 hours,my friend gave me a call and he

    come back to me and told me he was sorry about what was going to happen, I’m so

    grateful to these spells and will not stop publishing his name on the internet

    just for the good work he has doing.If you need his help,you can email him at

    ([email protected])and he will also help you to Dr.Akim(

    [email protected]) I will be forever grateful to you.


    When will I marry


    thinking of getting married soon……..


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    when do i get married? DOB : 03.05.1988, Time: 9.00am IST, Place: Dhubri,Assam, India.


    i m 28 years old my date of birth is 22 june 1986 ..when will i getting married?

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