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Why won’t virgo men fall in love with A virgo women

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    I mean i fully understand the whole (TWO GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE) sceniro but if he know’s 9 times out of 10 the virgo women he’s dealing with is thinking the same exact way he is him still being a man why wouldn’t he give her a try like he would give the next female a me i don’t praticularly take it personal but it makes me think. Someone told me it was the way i carried myself, like i was god’s gift to earth,but i said i have to make sure i can trust them befor i get involed if it’s your body i want i’m gonna have it point blank,but whenever a virgo man gets involved  ibecome instantly in love of some sourt but it never works out. And no i’m not in a rush to fall in love as i clearly stated it’s just something i honestly can’t control, but i’m sure if he was a jerk i wouldn’t even pay him any mind but that’s never the case so it’s hard and i need help with this one because it’s wrecking my mind,my mind replays the truth i couldn’t risk getting hurt so i didn’t tell him everything about me so now i’m paying?


    I’m Anxious to here the answers of others if you guys respond i could maybe make some sence of this#)

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