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Will Dad ever see the light

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    My dad lost his wife our stepmum of over 30 years 3 weeks ago. Our step brother and sisters excluded our brother from the funeral, and we were turned away from the wake. My dad was devasted but didn’t know what to do, so let them take over. He does love us all, but had to come outside just to see us all, which he did with hugs, kisses and sorrys. 

    Since then, they are trying to keep us away, even to the point of putting the phone down in his own home. We are scared to stand up and fight as it must be making him ill. We have had 30 years of lies, and manipulation keeping us in the background, for sanity sake.

    Will Dad ever wake up to how things really have been all these years and to what they are doing now? They did wrong by us always have, but somehow we always get the blame!

    I feel we are all getting depressed by this, my poor brother has MS and as the eldest son of the family used to be so close to our dad, but they have convined him that he is bad…he in fact has been the only one there for his sisters all these years, but he hasn’t got any fight left in him, either.

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    Our stepmum died 3 weeks ago

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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