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will i be able 2 marry my boyfriend???

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    sir i had a boyfriend , we both r doctors n we met during our medical studies. we have completed 2 years of our relationship. his mother and sister knew about me and were happy with it. my mother also had no problem. everything was alright until i found dat my boyfriend was cheating on me, he started liking another girl last month back. wen i found a proof n came 2 know dat he was going to meet dat girl in delhi, i was very shocked. i fought with him n abused him like anything. i even told his mother n sister about dat. now i cant live without my boyfriend. i am very serious about him n m ready to forgive him. but now the problem is dat he is feeling insulted after i told dat thing to his mother. please tell me is there any future scope of this relationship? will i b able 2 marry him?

    my birth details 22 november 1990; 6:30am; faridkot punjab

    his birth details 22 september 1988; gorakhpur UP

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