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Will I win my leo as a soulmate?

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    I met a leo man back this past june of 2011. His date of birth is 08/22/1963. Mine is 02/20/1974. He split up with me the end of June because he said he had “walls” up from past hurts. This past December we reconnected. Everything has felt very fateful with him & there is also a sense of peace about the whole thing despite everything. I told him I wanted to be his best friend & life partner as I felt the best relationships are based on friendship. Will I win him as my soulmate/life partner? I realize that trust does take time and dont want to seem like Im chasing him but I do want to be there for him genuinly. Please advise on what I can do to let him trust me & if it will all be worth it in the end. Thank you & peace be with you!

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