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will my marriage break up?

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      I am married since last 2 half year. i found that my husband never think of my mental needs . he gives me costly sarees and all that which a women wants but i think that all women are not so . he never talks with me like that he really wants me in his life.he always shows that there will be no change in his life whether i am there or not. since my marriage he never took me outside on tour or picnik .he always shows that he have no time for me and my son but for his familly he spare the as much as he wants. why all this happening to me? will realy my marriage break?

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    Don’t worry. If you constantly think about “problems” they will only increase with time. If you “force” to make this work, simly indicates that deep inside you already know there are many problems and this will only create more frustration, confusion and further increase the problems.

    This is a very common problem of expectation mismatch. And the best way to resolve it is actually to forget it and relax more and more.

    Once you can be a very happy person, you’ll start attracting him and many people in your family. You can be so much happy that it overflows and other people will notice that. Everyone wants happiness, so they’ll come near to you. But for this to happen you have to completely forget about any problem.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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