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Will my relation be a success

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    Hi ,


    I have met some one beggining of this year and we fell in love.

    He is very paasionate and loves me a lot. Though we stay in distant palces he takes time from his schedule and comes to meet me me every two months

    But lately he is in some big trouble and some legal case has been lodged against him. Due to which he is not able to communicate much and neither is he able to come down due to legal Obligation

    I love this person a lot. I had a very painful experience in past and took every ounce of myfaith to fall in love again.

    So my question is will relation be a success after this problem is solved..

    Ask Oracle

    Your relationship can only be successful when you see eachother often, may be everyday and spend more and more time together.

    At this time it would be best that you consider healing your emotional wounds and embrace a more celebrating lifestyle. There is no reason you should be carrying the burden of the past.

    Take a look at our Solutions page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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