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Will the love of my life and I reunite?

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    My boyfriend, Tom, is a 56 year-old man, and I will be 55 on May 9 (5/9/57). He moved to Annapolis for work in 2010. He is a Scorpio (11/2/55), and I am a Taurus. We’ve had some difficulties over the years, and we split up badly on 1/1/12. I am in shock at how well he can deliver the silent treatment and never speak to me again. We’ve had a few email exchanges, but we’ve never discussed our problems since the break. NO VOICE OR PERSONAL CONTACT. AND THIS IS AFTER 13 YEARS TOGETHER.

    I am brokenhearted. I wonder if, at some point, he may return to me to see if things can be rekindled. Also, is he seeing anyone at the moment? Many thanks.

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