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    First of all, thank you kindly for taking my question.  I hope you tin answer it!  I recently interviewed for a job promotion after taking a promotional exam 2 years ago and in which I obtained a 92%.  I feel I’m ready to undertake new challenges with this promotion.  However, I have been on disability from work since almost 9 months ago due to work-related stress triggered by a confrontational conversation I had with my Manager while I was in the capacity of an acting supervisor.  I confronted her preference for a group of her friends after important opportunities were denied to others due to the preferential treatment she gave her friends.  In any case, I feel that the interview I had on March 22 with a panel of three managers of different work units went relatively well.  Nonetheless, I am afraid that the possibilities of promotions may be curtailed due to my issues with my manager and to her friendshitwo at least 2 of the panel I interviewing managers.  we are supposed to find out who makes supervisor (7 positions and 12 interviewees) at the end of April.  I was told that my temprary disability status woud not affect my selection, so can you please tell me if it looks like I will be offered one of the promotional position spots I interviewed for???  For your time and assistance, I thank you kindly!  – Patty


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