How would you describe an Aquarius?

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    do you really think they are mad and crazy?


    YeSss….!!!! 😛 😀 They R Mad 4 what dey love N CrazY in what they Do 😀 🙂 <3


    Well, genius and insanity walk the line hand in hand, and I’m certainly a model example of that. Haha, my friends even gave me a catchphrase : “I’m a pessimist, not a passifist, but I am williing to use my fist to pacify your face!”

    So yes, we ARE crazy! But we’re also fun to hang around!


    i don’t like sleeping, especially when i have so many unanswered questions…i wish a day was like 72hrs, cos 24hrs are too short…

    at every second in my life, am either reading stuff, researching stuff, doing some artistic stuff etc…but when am alone, i feel like i don’t know anything, even though peer group, admirers, and so on; tell me am great at the stuff i do.



    i have this guy friend who is an aquarian and he is the BEST!!!!! i love him and although he lacks of verbal expression he makes up by showing me he cares by hes dedication o9n being there…. so for lack of better words i wouldnt wife him but i enjoy his company more than other signs


    I think they are obsessive 


    I’m an aquarian. I don’t like people. Relationships require to much time, effort and energy to maintain. I really hate stupid comments and questions too. I like doing my own thing with no attachments or obligations.


    Aquarius= Logical, rational, humane, emotionaly strong, independent, willing and able forge their own paths, rises to the challenges of life and can figure out the most logical solution to a problem= belives in virture and ethics as opposed to law and morality- this is how truth seeking aquarians can find themselves at odds with soceital values that on the surface appear to be promoting “morality” when in reality are simply atiquated superstitions used for centuries to pacify the population and solidify power in the hands of the few= Aquarians simply want the truth to be revealed and life on earth to prosper from that revealtion. A young aquarian can become very despondant when they come to find out that the world they live in is completley at odds with their nature. It takes wisdom and logical reasoning for the waterbearer to figure out that reform happens from the inside out and is influenced from the outside in. Not very big on details we aquarians can have very poor spelling and puctuation or it could just be rebellion against the status quo of standardized english writing, the funny thing is standardization is so logical and helpful to humainty that an aquarian may just have come up with it.


    I really do not have an answer; however, a question? Can Aquarius be trusted to be faithful?




    every aquarius i have been close too are unfaithful and extremely sneaky!! wouldnt trust em



    That’s sad, but don’t think you can judge every Aquarius by this. I was faithful for 36 years despite husband’s frequent affairs. Have never cheated on anyone


    Right now, Im writing a book, playing guitar, cooking a meal, posting on this site and wallowing in my own fart.  Im also trying to figure out why everyone is so obsessed with relationships, whilst watching a show about Marksist theories on economics.  And I do mean right now.  But thats just me.  I have no idea about the others, aside from the fact that they generally annoy me.  But I’d say the same of most people.  But thats not to say I dont like them.  I just take the good bits out and when people annoy me, I do a dissapearing act.  And then sometimes, they annoy me off by calling me, just to ask why I dissapeared, which defeats the purpose of dissapearing.  And yeah, I do think Im mad and crazy.  And sometimes I worry about it.  But then I just ask my invisible friend and he tells me that its all ok.  Boom!


    Rather than describe myself as an aquarius I shall base my opinion on others. The good good traits: Kind, intelligent, loyal, funny, unique, non-discriminate, and popular. Bad traits: Annoying, impatient, mannerless, and low attention span. Traits that could be considered either: spontaneous, eccentric, and rebellious. What an aquarius is like is also hugely based on the moon, which represents emotion. With twelve different signs for the moon and three decans of aquarius that makes 36 different kinds of aquarians without factoring the many other planets, asteriods, cusps, etc. I’m done now. 🙂 


    Best You Ever Had


    Aquarians have an acute sense of the avante garde & an ability to think outside the box..why be a copy when you can be the origianl

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