Any Aqua ladies here have mind blowing sex with a Sagittari man?

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    Ok, here’s the thing Sagittari men, like most of us, I too have had my fair share of experience with exploring my sexual desires with the opposite sex (some of those experiences I wish I could “un-see or un-experience”). In the bedroom, I know how to handle myself and my essence that is left behind is usually very well respected, known and remembered. And for the most part, my date is the one that’s there wanting more & more. Until……….I met this Aqua girl!!!!!!! HOLY SH!T !!!!!! It was as if being with this Aqua lady, I was brought closer to my inner animalistic beast(More like being brought closer to God!) It was Out Of This World!!!! This otherworldly, sexy creature had my toes twisted into little preztels when we were having sex and then, days after, I found myself following her around like a puppy or something! So I ask, Is it just me? Or is the Aqua Girl our(Sagittari man) Sexual Soulmate? Leave your comment, let me know what you think. 


    Aquarius & ‘ Sagittarius ARE Sexual Soul mates But To A Certain Extent I’m A Sag &’  As A Fellow Sag You Should Know Our sex Drives Are High & ‘ Wild.. Aquarian On The Other Hand They Get out Of the Mood Quickly,  Seems  Like They Make You Waaaait &’Waaaait But It’s Always WorthbIt


    I met a Saggittarius man at work.
    We had instant, insane sexual chemistry.
    We started hooking up any chance we could get.
    It seemed like he knew exactly what my body wanted.
    He knew exactly the right way to touch me.
    From my understanding Sagg’s are sexually free spirits.
    Aquarian women are adventurous, like trying new things and sexually curious so a Sagg male is absolute perfection for us sexually.
    I have not had sex with the Sagg guy only played around with each other. I really want too…he has me yearning for it.
    But he is not in the correct situation to do so…and so I must move on from that hope.
    But on the site lots of people have said that the Aquarius and Saggitarius sexual connection is on some out of this world level. I hope I ca


    But if you need new experience, Gemini is the best.. Lol

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