Do you think Aquarius loves drama?

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    if not, then what’s wrong with them?


    I’d say no, we don’t love drama, but it’s hard to avoid when you’re the “universal friend to man” and you get along with everyone. So many different people within a social circle will always have some sort of “drama” going on. Not saying an Aquarius won’t cause their share of chaos, I do it all the time (mostly by accident…), but I wouldn’t say it’s something we actively seek.

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    I agree, hell no. My best friend is also an aquarius, so is my boyfriend of 6 years and I. A true aquarius hates drama but since they are friends with everyone.. we get caught in the middle of it (which really sucks). As to whats wrong with them ?lol i dont know we like our space and think too much. Your problem is most likely the person(s) and not their sign.


    At times Yes!!! We feed off of it.

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    We love hearing the latest gossip and drama of other people, but definately hate drama we’re involved in. An aquarius will VERY SELDOM create drama.


    From knowing some individuals of the Aquarius sign, I would say that they do know like drama. My aunt for one absolutely hates drama. Sometimes they do have a tendancy to attract it though, but create drama, NO!

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    I don’t like Drama. I just want to be left the fuck alone!!

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    Drama is anti-aquarian. I once dated a cancer. I wasted much of my precious time that I could have been learning and creating and enjoying her cancerian breasts trying to explain to this woman-child that extreme emotional outbursts are counter productive and illogical- I felt like Spock talking to Bones-

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    They need it to  live its like air to them.!!!!!!!!!!!!! My best friend of 4 yrs and boyfriend are Aquarius I’m a cappy woman. And I’ve noticed they both LOVE IT. Secretly of course they will never admit it but example my best friend if she’s bored she’ll sit and stir up sceems to start action (drama) in her life like I don’t know. Prank calling a ex , or likeing her ex boyfriends new girlfriends pictures on Facebook. And then say ” I’m being so messy right now” and laugh or get a kick out of angering her ex or their new girlfriend. My boyfriend won’t per say take in on drama but he LOVES to see it. He’ll laugh at to people arguing or if to of friends have a fight trust he’s laughing filling me in on the scoop. Trust me they do


    I love it and hate it.  Im mischievous and cant resist puling peoples chains or keeping things lively.  But I dont like other people bringing drama to my doorstep and if things get too much in either instance, I’ll happily walk off laughing to myself whils everyone else is fretting.  

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    Yes we do, I cant helo but laugh and smirk if I see people arguing.  I just find it amusing and entertaining.  I do not like drama in my own life but it does help keep things interesting 


    My ex is Aquarius – stone cold, two faced, lying, sadistic, unemotional… cold hearted, insensitive, rude and very mean. Unfortunatelly they swear they are truthful but they lie the most.

    I agree with Britt44: they secretly  love drama but they will never admit it. Whenewer they say they are against something, they secretly love it and want it but never admit.


    Like to hear, see, and read about it…just as long as it doesn’t involove them 🙂 


    Geez! Reading these answers makes me lol. Yes we do love drama when it’s us being dramatic. Well let me say I am a true drama queen. On the other hand no we hate it on other people. Simple as that. 


    I love drama but only on TV..real life prefer a good comedy.

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