What are the likes and dislikes of Aquarius?

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    … and also how to impress them?




    When an Aquarius is pissed, let them be pissed. Trying to calm them down will only bring more anger. They need their space to function. They HATE feeling smothered.


    I actually prefer to just pay for sex. There are no strings attached. It’s all business. I can pay then get my rocks off and not have to worry about all the emotional attachments.


    I LOATHE clingy men. They are the worst! I love my freedom, I need my space, I want my indiviuality. I hate high maintenance people, they’re too much to handle.


    Aquarians dislike conformity, tradition, drama, rules, smothering, expectations, and sitting still too long.

    We do like and need to breathe, spontaneous life, being trusted,

    the fact that we DO walk to the beat of a different drum, our calm nature that sometimes scares others, our intelligence, and our compassionate hearts.


    i love nice guys not the kind that try to be nice just to impress me and at the same time rough around the edges!


    Aquarians are really unpredictable human beings.. today they are cold, tomorrow they are hot.. they said aquarians hate being chased, but that’s not true.. I can say because Im an Aquarius woman and I experienced it myself..  I have a lot of suitors back then and until now, but I was literally hit by Love straight at my face by a Cancerian man.. I dont fall easily, so I dont date much often.. I only wants to be friends with them, but this cancer guy.. it was all different,  the first time I met him I dont know what happened to me.. 

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