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    i am a pisces male and me and this aquaruis girl have been chatting alot and we have me twice she said she liked me alot but now its changed she is acting weird and distant now.

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    Maybe she has picked up on something in your personality that has turned her off. Im an aquarious female and i know that most Aquarious especally the females are very intitiuve people and can senes when something is’nt right. Im not saying that something is worong with you im saying that maybe she feels your not a right match for her.


    could also be that you had been chatting a lot, so she needed her space or downtime.  she probably got caught up in someone elses problems for a while or distracted by some amazing new thing she hadnt discovered yet.  or something old that she hadnt paid attention to for a while.  be careful in pointing out that she’s acting cold though.  someone says that to me and I either warm up or show them the true meaning of cold.  and if your srious about her, then get used to her.  its the way she are.

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    Okay Deevo, I disagree with what Mista-G and sallyraindrops had said, I am an Aquarius, and personally I don’t react the way that they have described, because for one thing, you should not rely on astrology to diagnose what’s going on with her mind. I think that you are the one who knows her well enough to judge for yourself. Although it is true, that having space and maybe something have sparked negatively in your relationship that she became turned off, but there are so many other reasons. Did you tell the Aquarius girl that you like her too? If you didn’t, then I am pretty sure you left her insecure and, to prevent herself from heartbreaks, she sets up a boundary upon herself. If you also confessed that you like her too, rewind and ask what may have bothered her, if you don’t know, then the most you could do is to communicate with her than relying on this astrology garbage. Becareful  misinterpreting her actions…the worse thing that could happen is misunderstanding her. I suggest you gather up your courage and talk to her. 

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    What do you mean all this astrology garbage? Do you relize that you are on an astrology website If its garbage close your account.

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    I heard that picese and Aquarius are a perfect match they have alot of connection mentally and physically  (Exuse mah spelling errorz)


    I am a aqua male born feb 7 but have more Pisces traits than aqua. I have been dating a aqua female born feb 5 an the relationship is going good I love attention an love giving it bit her on the other hand only show me attention very seldom we are together everyday an we enjoy each others company she is honest trustworthy an loyal. She has told me about some of her past relationships an how they done her wrong I support her in anything she does always giving her compliments an she takes them well but seldom gives compliments. What I’m asking is do you think she is still weary to let go an bring down her walls from her past relationships I feel she wont let me in an it makes me feel like she’s not interested but I’m not going anywhere I love her an I want to ask if there is anything I can do to let her know I’m not going to hurt her I only want her heart so if any aqua females can help it will be greatly appreciated.

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