Aquarius male and Cancerian female

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    I was in a relationship with a cancerian for a year and 3 months and we broke up two weeks ago after she had a coffee date with a gemini male she used to know in 2012.

    she left me 3 days after the date with the gemini dude

    she started saying stuff like she wants a passionate man, man of power etc

    she started embracing everything about the guy

    which she never did with me

    she said that a relationship with me was work, nothing came easy. i didnt make her laugh nor did i like conversing with her 

    this is a lady who says she still loves me but not like she used

    she wants me to still be in contact with her, she wants me to be her friend 

    and i still want more

    i believe we didnt work cause we were never clear about our roles as partners in the relationship

    should i fight for this lady or should i just keep my distance till she comes to her senses?

    i am asking this becasue I love her, I don’t think so. I know so


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