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Capricorn man wants a casual relationship

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    I have a dilemna. I met this capricorn man 6 months ago and we went on two dates. He would text me simple hellos but once in awhile his text were questions about sex. One of his 1st one was “Are you frisky?”. After 5 months, I finally gave up and text him that I wanted sex. Once I said the word, he was at my door step the next day earlier than the planned time. The 1st time did not turned out well but he called me 3 days later (his usual was monthly). We had the 4th date, two weeks later and it was much better than the 1st time. Because I am an aries who is passionate and this man has the best lips and the best kisser, I am very attracted to him. He also has a very sexy strong voice. Now, because I have been in bed with him, I want more and I do not believe he wants more. He has bragged to me that he has other women who want him and that he sees. I am good at not calling him but I expect a call from me (could be in a day or in a month). My question is, what should I do; ignore his calls, go along with what he wants, tell him what I want?

    By the way he is the same age as me (mid 40’s) and has never been married but has a three years old child that he shares custody with.

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