Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

Is an Aries compatible with a Capricorn in a love relationship?

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    what do you think?


    Do not be fooled aries is not real they are con artist that will do anything for attention I am surprised by u being an very inteligent zodiac sign would be caught up in this spell


    Aries cap relationship I will say this to end my case people are not what they are they are what they do


    This somes it up now I will end my case people are not what they are they are what they do

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    Well…i may admit that being a capri, i have had a brief romance with an aries while i was on vaycay, and it didn’t work because:
    -i was too young and immature to know how to act
    -i let him covet me and didn’t do anything to let him know i liked him too
    -we live in different countries and haven’t ever come to terms on this subject, and this isn’t something you do over the internet or phone.
    -Another thing. This was two years ago. I still have quite strong feelings for him, though i know well that i broke his heart and i’m not confident that he’ll ever forgive me. I have found out that he never quite got over me either. Toxic relationship. 🙁
    If anyone can add something that could help me understand this better, i accept constructive critique.
    -Another add: i might go back to his coutry this summer(now in december to febuary) and i don’t know how to act when the encounter occurs. help :S


    @egtiger- Total bogus crap. One bad experience should not rule all aspects. I’m in a capri-arie relationship,two years now, we are going strong. I do not con nore do I manipulate my partner…I believe this kind of relationship is just like any other. May be some plateau effects when seeing eye-to-eye but other than that, it’s fun ,passionate, and endearing..


    I have been married to an Aries for 2 years I won’t say it has been easy because it hasn’t been and I am a capricorn.


    i am an aries.

    im demanding, selfish, overbearing, and my capricorn wouldnt have it any other way.

    it shouldnt matter what your sign is, that doesnt necessarily determine your compatibility. if you like him and you get along well, pursue something. that compatibility write up is just merely a guideline and what can be expected.

    personally, i would not want to live my life with regrets.

    what ifs tearrrrrrr me down, i stick to the Nike slogan: Just Do It.

    the worst thing that can happen is that nothing evolves , it just stays the same, but at least you know!

    when i met my boy it was love at first sight.

    we havent been dating that long and sometimes i feel like he doesnt quite get me, but nothing rewarding comes easy!

    he’s so patient with me, i appreciate him a lot, fate works in mysterious ways, so let it! 🙂




    Good luck to you two. You are very optimistic and I think you deserve the best. I hope it all works out for you,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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