Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries v/s Virgo, who would win?

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    Aries of course, Virgo has no chance 😛


    In a physical fight it could very well be aries, in any other kind id say virgo. Aries doesnt think before lashing out (in my experiences that is lol my sister is an aries). But always could depend on the time, place, occurance yada yada….


    Physically, likely an Aries. Anything else, likely an Virgo cause we’re crazy, nasty, manipulative little fuckers that don’t like to lose. In the end though, it depends on the person.


    Depends but I say Virgo get to our boiling point and we will destroy you physical emotional or anything we are very cruel :)… Idk if all are like me but I’ve beaten 3 Aries 2 woman 1 man especially in debate that’s all I can say


    Cute 😂😂😂

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