Aries and Virgo Compatibility

What keeps an Aries – Virgo relationship going?

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    is it too many compromises?

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    Virgos and Aries are on different wavelengths and though Virgos find Aries as exciting people and Aries always admire the intelligence of a Virgo; their relationship has to look forward to take up their differences in proper manner. Though Aries are very innocent and lovable but their ego and aggressiveness always dampen the spirit of a fragile Virgo. And on the other hand Virgos are no doubt very honest and polite people but their criticism and shyness always give a set back to the confident and excited Aries person. But they have a lot to learn from each other. When he starts understanding and respecting her personality, then she opens up and discusses her problems with him. And once he becomes aware that her reason of criticism is just her attitude and nothing personal, he starts taking her advice seriously.

    It takes two to make it work:)

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    • funny how different we are im virgo women, hes my aries, we are first sight so attracted to eachother. our relationship is slow motion. he stated his wife was a  virgo, and he knows he needs to keep away from virgo women, i told him he ovbious attracts virgo women, though we’ve been seeing eachother  6 months now , he has a mysterious aura about him, like if he wants to tell me something,i want to tell him so much how i feel, but fear to scare him off. he is soo sweet to me, and he is there for me, when i need him, as its written in my up and downs hes besides me. Im there for him. im thinking we need to keep things slow until he for sure can trust me and that im a different virgo, not his x wife. i am totally in love with him, do i tell him?
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