WHat if your capricorn bf ex flirts you ?

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    People say that capricorn’s are serious in relationshp. My bf is cap. Its been 2.5 years we r with eachothr, in these years he lefted me 2 times and 3rd time i finally left him but he then asked me to be around him, i went to him back after 3 months.. He told me he missed me and he tried to be in relatnshp with othr grls but cant do tht, he failed to make any new lov relatnshp. He told me tht no one except me can handl him… Well 2.5yrz back(befor relatnshp wid me) he had 5,6 grlfrndz but they wer just for few months but im his last lov…
    He says all ths thng but on the othr hand he says tht 
    I dont knw what he wants, i lov him still and i do care 4 him but dnt knw y he’s too cnfusing..nowadays he flirts wid me a little…help me up, tel me what acordng to u he wud b thnkng? 

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    i am a piscis and i totally get u i am on the same boat and have to wonder if they ever let go???? idk i know he dont usually go back if he feels hes done its a wrap but at the same time maybe he doesnt feel like hes done with u completely???? maybe u should really b asking your self what do u want????

    Philip Camps

    Capricorns are flirty yes I am one lol. But it seems your capricorn (@Gdxii2050) is unsure of his feelings. He’s apparently trying to commit but something is making him feel uneasy. My advise- give him some time to check himself and if he’s really serious then he has to show it be comitting to you full time, not partially…

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