How would you describe a Capricorn?

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    do you really think they are insensitive and cold hearted?

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    The wisest and most stable beings on earth 😉


    yes they are not only insensitive at time but they are selfish and sometimes anoying


    I am a real capricorn and I am sensitive.

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    They does fall in love deep

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    I am a capricorn and i am a super reserve person., yes i am a cold hearted outside.

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    We love deeply but we never show our pain, mostly interpreted as cold hearted. We hurt as much as we love, we just hide it better.


    I always and i mean really always almoust everyday get comments like ”Hey , Smile , please.’ ,’You should smile more’,”I think you are cold hearted….. and so on and on. …..never ending story.
    For me showing emotions and smiling is like i am givin a chance to use me and hurt me. a lot of people doesn’t understand that.
    I don’t know how people can laugh and smile all the time.For me it’s hard to do. -.-

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    I’m a Capricorn and very proud of it. It is a done deal with us. Capricorns are the rarest of beings on earth. We are powerful, magnetic and hypnotic. They are the most sensual lovers and BEST lovers of the whole zodiac. It is not long before our loved one surrenders to us and anyone else who is interested in us.

    There is a type of regality to our personality and we generally take power over one’s mind, literally! The more evolved we are the more experienced and powerful we are. We are innately born with the tendency to accumulate many enemies and attacks from people throughout our lives. This tends to happen to us no matter how kind and loving we are to everyone around us. We are often misunderstood by people, however, we mean no harm to anyone.

    It is said and believed Capricorns are Avatars or saviors of the earth in one form or another. This could be good or bad depending on the native of this ancient complex symbol. Capricorns have the ability to experience the highest form of spirituality capable by a human being and can be the saddest person in the whole world.

    Here’s a little secret about Capricorns that you probably did not know…People secretively fantasize about being with them!

    There is more I can say about Capricorns.

    GreenSorceress aka Katrice

    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius
    Asc Sagittarius
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Scorpio
    Jupiter Scorpio


    Capricorns Are good people they will help u if u try to help yourself the reason why people think they are cRuel and insensitive people is because they are very serious minded and are never satisfied I am a july leo I can most learn from capricorn and capricorn can learn from me this is what makes the sexual encouter very very good


    If I had a choice of an husband I would choose a capricorn u have to keep them amused they have stable qualities


    I am a capricorn and superb at hiding my pain… im always taken to be cold hearted insensitive rude and mean… but i guess it is just a cover, im the most sensitive person, i might pretend the fight last night with my leo guy didnt bother me one bit but actually ill go to the washroom and silently cry my lungs out wash my face and come out like nothing happened
    i love but i hurt more when i speak my heart out,
    I am an extrovert, extremely humorous and fun to be around when im not in a bad mood;
    when im angry… My words can make anyone cry,,,
    Im practical and plan most of the things i do,,
    I can be just as careless as responsible i am…
    If i fall in love, and if the relationship is practically too “the one” i will make the guy feel like the luckiest man alive!!
    But if i hate, my words and tongue hurts worse than swords…
    Lastly but certainly not least.. I am a born story teller!!
    Hence a real fun person to be around!

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    I absolutely can’t stop laughing at these remarks from my fellow capricorns. I am a capricorn myself, and everything stated above by a capricorn is absolutely true. I am the warmest person anyone would want to meet but I do not tolerate any mess, which is why I can be said to be cold-hearted. When I love, I love very deeply. If I feel the love is not reciprocated then I can be one harsh son of a gun! My words will cut through a person’s heart like daggers. If I am hurt, no one will know it, I go off to myself and cry the pain away. It may take me a while to get over the pain, but in the process, I appear as if everything is fine…lol… If the love is reciprocated, I am a very passionate and loving person.
    I know there are many who envy and wish they were a capricorn because of the strength we display. Many people hate to be as vulnerable as they are (capricorns are not) and wish they could hide their vulnerability. It can be a blessing for a capricorn as well as a curse. Our strength can draw many to us but it can also make people want to run from us. Men need women to be vulnerable at least some of the time…(sorry guys, I am still learning to be a bit vulnerable)…it is definitely a process…but also men love women who possess great strength…I’m definitely not lacking that!

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    I’m a Capricorn and i’m sorry to say that it feels like a curse not because that i’m pessimistic or something else but because THINGS NEVER COME EASY TO ME… I’ve never experienced good luck… i’ve lost everything i loved, may be i’m a cursed one… sometimes, i don’t feel like being anything… one more thing is that perhaps we are more introvert, more than anyone else, we just try to know ourselves and it is a never ending process… we are deep, loyal, sincere and passionate in the matter of love but we are rarely understood by other people… we are excellent listeners and are capable of having long term relationships… but there is something that is not right with us i.e. the battle going on between our true selves and the outer world affairs… we never show our feelings simply because we have fear of getting rejected… slightly less confident… we are hard to understand n we give importance to little things a lot which most people don’t care about…

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    I completely agree with most things said on this page:
    we are pretty hard to figure out, and i personally have had a hard time letting my sentiments flow with the moment, this has made my love life hard.
    We can be extremely complex and i believe that only capricorns can understand capricorns, nothing personal to other zodiac signs, it’s simply a matter of self-identification and personal experience.
    I’m not really as egocentric as GreenSorceress1 has made it clear, or maybe i just don’t express it that wholeheartedly ~.~ i may have to agree with most of the things she’s said but please don’t generalize. We aren’t hypnotic. That is something that you have to accomplish. Magnetic? Definately. We attract as powerfully as we regect (unknowingly), and i may say that the world wouldn’t be the same without us, but every sign in the zodiac has it’s virtues as well as it’s defects. It is a matter of perception.
    That’s the queue of the question.

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