How would you describe a Capricorn?

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    I am capricorn…reading other capricorn’s posts…do you think that we have one unavoidable characteristic-narcissistic nature:)


    @MeriS That’s also a possibility 😛




    @JUSTME54 Are you a Capricorn or…? I’m sorry you’ve had such bad experiences with other Capricorns. Some of us can be selfish or cold at times, including myself. I hope that whatever Capricorn you were dealing with is out of your life now, or at least has stopped being a jerk.


    Capricorns are perhaps one of the easiest and lighthearted people I know. Most of my Capricorn friends are so easy to get along with being friendly and give the sense of … home? They’re so comforting, and always know what to say to make you feel better and make you feel at ease. 

    However, every Capricorn I’ve spoken with has issues, whether it’ll be with family, or perhaps other things, but it’s always something that isn’t within their control. They tend to have a melancholy mindset, and it’s very very very hard to get them to open up that side. 

    If you know a Capricorn, or want to associate with one, the best advice I can give is be friendly, confident and give a warmth feeling. Make them feel at home and at ease, and give your friendship time. They’ll appreciate the slow and steady pace you take for your friendship, as it allows them to comprehend their feelings, allowing it to develop to a further friendship. Whether it’ll be to close/ best friends, or into a relationship.

    Perhaps I should add here I am also a Capricorn HAHA, so this is coming from both experience of being a Capricorn myself and associating with my peer Capricornians.

    Basically, you know the cliche, “Sometimes the most happiest people are the saddest”, or, “Sometimes the saddest people are hidden behind the happiest faces”? In my opinion, I think that best describes a Capricorn. We really are a “Diamond in the rough”. #AladinQuote


    a capri women is really good, charming and a facination women. but sometimes she really makes me so angry and i become silent. as i am a cancer male i am seriously moody but not always, if i see my capri women ain’t focusing on me or not missing me at all it makes me feel that she doesn’t love me at all. time to time i get confused what she intends. and most of the time she spoil my mood, she isn’t much sensetive at all. it feels like she dosen’t have any emotion. but still i forgive my loving capri women. i know she loves me and its true but the only problem is she doesn’t express it as quite frankly as i do.


    Well capricorns can make you feel like your runing on love and show you affection then, next thing you know he shut you out and he can hurt you he doesn’t know what he wants, it seem capricorn men really don’t know themselves yet and they seem to hurt people they love, they always seem detached and it’s not fair how they treat others sometimes you can’t take love when you need and then leave it without letting people know why and then come back again and then leave, caprcorn mail never get how many people love them and care about them, they always do the wrong things when it comes to love, when the one they really love is right infront of them 


    I am a Leo Woman and I so so so love Capricorn Men!!!

    I’ve always been attracted to them. Caps are smart, ambitious, strong, hard to read, sensitive and patient. They have trust issues but once they trust you don’t make them regret it because they will always be there for you. Very loyal and funny…not all people can understand their jokes. 

    Caps and Leos are the Best Match!



    A capricorn is a capricorn.

    KNowing one very very closely for years I can tell you that most capricorns are mostly the same. They are smart, thorough, driven, serious, sensitive on the inside in most sincere caring way with a strong protective outside wall high and thick for security reasons. A capricorn is like the mountain goat going step by step making sure each and every step is safe and secure slowly getting to the top and to the goal weighing all options focused stright ahead sometimes being to focused to ahead while missing out shortcuts and good oppertunities. You cant cross a capricorn in the long run, because the capri catches up on your tricks and a ton of bricks will eventually fall on you. The capricorn is protetive, caring, thought through and careful. Capricorns earn their their respect. They are willing to work very hard. They actually enjoy it. To some capris look lazy, but its a wrong analysis. Capris are the opposite of lazy. They hammer away in their head, almost never stop working hard. Usually their talent is more by working on it than being born with it. They are most trustworthy and none trusting others. No one does it as good and as reliable as them – usually.

    They have a sense of humor which can be not as funny and pleasent as sharp and wicked, calculated and serious, sarcastic and with a point.


    Capris can look pretty and sweet once they get dressed up nicely. They go for practicality and goals, something that will last for ever rather for “on the moment”. A capri waits for you to earn their respect and trust. Its hard to move a capricorn around. A capricorn friend is as real and as loyal as it can be combined with being careful. Capricorns are more self securing than as biting or hurting others. They usually have a very clear mind and very realistic, sometimes self critic wanting to do better and improve him/herself.



    yes! I am a capricorn woman,I am very ambitous and I dont care what others think. I will do anything to get what i want we are kinda those stubborn spoiled brats. 

    when i fall in love I dont show my man how I feel , he is a virgo They are overdramatic and i hate it!! 

    I love to escape and run , I am impatient.I want everything to be fast and on time. 

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