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    There was dis libran guy who tried wooing me for a year and has now got married to someone else. Even after he knew he was getting married, he used to try gettin ma attention. I didn’t really fall for his attentions though coz i was scared of being hurt. T’day i met him for the first time aftr his wedding and now he doesn’t seem to pay heed. Was he playing with me earlier? Was he just using me as a time-pass. Why did he do this to me??? (I am a capri)

    Ask Oracle

    Humans often make mistakes here and there. People blinded by their ambitions and lust would go to any limit to fulfill their desires. That’s the reality.

    Know that whatever that happened was best for you and forget the whole incident. Forgiving that person simply means you don’t give it any importance.


    Forget him hun. You have much better things ahead of you. That Libra was all over the place, and now that he’s in a committed relationship, it makes sense for him not to pay you heed now. That’s his way of showing respect to his relationship sense he was in to you before.

    Just continue to be confident, you are an independent Cap woman, and that is attractive!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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