why are we attracted to Gemini’s if it’s such a difficult relationship

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    I memt an old school friend and e hit off really well for about three weeks, it was amazing. But I am quite a reserved girl when it comes to feelings and emotions. Been single for 2 years and so has he. We both lived with our respective partners and we’re both in the same boat. However, I feel as if he has started to back off, as I dont really respond to him the way he wants me to. I want to as well, however, everytime I think, I am going to try and be my old self, I get my foot in my mouth. I show no emotions, not a care for his troubles, dont even stand near him, when I know he’s going to hug me, I automatically move away although I dont want to. 

    Now he’s doing the same thing, and after 7 years of not liking anybody, this guy is everything I know i want to get to know. I am very attracted to who he is, when we are together he cant help but stare into my eyes, and always delays leaving the party or me.

    but when we are supposed to make the effort to meet up, I go on the I am busy, not because I want to but the feelings i have for him scare me into doing it without control, and he just backs off. He used to call or text everyday, and now for the past week I havent heard from him.

    I did finally text him, to which i got no response. But he sent me a text asking me how the night was with my friends, telling me he wanted to come too, but had work.


    I know the problem is me, but I am trying to be more open with him and at least show him that i like him too, but I am wondering if it’s worth it now, cos may be he’s just got turned off the whole idea of being with me. He is looking for an affectionate care free girl, who will care about him and somebody he can respect and take care of. I am exactly that, but i come off as an independant, I dont need anybody and dont’ share your problems with me in public. I never used to drink or party, and now thats all i seem to care about. I think he thinks that I dont have time for him or that we are a good match. It’s sad I am so used to pushing people away. I have no idea, how to let somebody i really want to know in.



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    I do not know what  to say on this. This is the sAme problem faced with capri girl. I am a gemini man, this description of yours juz reminded me mine situation. let me advice u, stuck to your gemini men if u really love him.It will work only if u stuck to him,start conversating with random topics, just be in touch anyhow, just make sure u do not discuss your past with him ever and not even the name of ur ex. just make him feel ur concerned all the time,and he is the only one u think about when its anything good or bad to share with.And the guy is yours. just remember my friend NoT to Mention any damn thing of ur past, nven name. Best luck


    The one thing that you must remember with us Geminians is you have to keep our brains stimulated or we will loose interest very fast. You pretty much have to make love to our minds. Keep the conversations interesting and easy going. Make us laugh and be honest and open about who you really are.

    Geminians are usually the life of the party. We are the jokesters to speak. We get bored very easily. Personally I have never dated a Capricorn but my nearest and dearest friend is a Capricorn. If you are anything like her you have my respect.

    Blessings to you!


    How crazy it is to read this after the weekend I had with my Gemini. I am a Capricorn woman and I can totally relate to this. Its totally true that we aren’t supposed to be compatible. But I have choosen to love my Gemini for how different he is from me. He brings just enough air into my earthy life. Fun, whimsy, a bit of daring. He’s like a vacation to me.  From what I read you are doing everything right. You intrigue him just so. I say this due to the eye contact and not wanting to be out of your company parts of your message. I think you’re in. In regard to you being “cold” at times, honey, just chalk it up to Capricorn nature! LoL That is something he’s going to have to accept about you. If its too much he’ll just do the classic Gemini disappearing act. But he’ll be back. Mine has stuck around for 12 years.


    i am a capricon man married to a gemini. both of us are completely different and a times, it comes out clearly in the way we approach life and deal with situations. to be honest, even though geminis are different, but there is something in them that attrat capricorn men. it could be because opposites attract each other. capricorns see in geminis, the opposite of them and this excites them a lot. in the short term, both of them will be very attracted to each other.

    however be warned that in the long run, it takes a lot of patience and hard work to keep the relationship going. after the initial charm has rubbed off….the reality sinks in and that is when both realise how different they are. the key to success for this relationship to survive is to not to change the other person peronality….let them be the way they are….only then this relationship can work!

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