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    i have a capricorn bf and honestly speaking, he is the sweetest guy on earth and i know he loves me too much. 

    but the only problem that i am facing is that he just does not have time for me, he talks to everyone except for me!

    and that clearly irritates me! 

    so is it something i did? i dont really think that could be it, coz if so, he would’ve told me. 

    i’ve even spoken to him about my problem, he just shrugs and starts giving some or the other excuse.

    what should i do?


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    I truly dont want to upset you however im gonna try and help best i can. I know of a capricorn man who was once married to a cancer lady, i looked on your profile and it states you are a cancer, hope this is correct. Just so i didnt take example from what i have seen between a capricorn and cancer i went so far as to read what you asked to the capricorn man i know ( i did not reveal your sign was cancer to him). I will give you his response and then continue with my own.

    He says:

    it seems to him like you are contradicting yourself, he said how can someone be sweet to you but at the same time ignore you and shrug off your concerns as if they didnt matter? He also said it seemed to him like your bf had things balanced out if hes sweet to you and paying attention to his friends etc. He also said he could have someone else. His last remark was it looked to him like you were upset bec you werent getting all or more of his attention, that you werent satisfied with the amount of attention he was giving you. 

    Ok now let me say, capricorns guys (from my own experiences, are not cheaters and are very good guys). However not the best with always sharing whats on their mind. Seeing how the capricorn man i know and his cancer wife went down. It was her emotional outbursts and what he calls “over the top drama” that ruined their relationship. Iam not accusing you of this, please know that, again this is only what i have observed or heard and am just trying to help. I know he (cap man) use to try and be civil with her and explain how he needed time with his friends, time for himself etc and she would always accuse him of cheating. Him simply being at work, hanging with the guys and her always freaking out about it got to the point he couldnt stand to even be around her, didnt want to sleep with her or anything (again not NOT accusing you of this i assure you, but it can help you to think is it possible iam over dramatic some where in this or is it possible iam over thinking this?). But i know its really hard for us water signs (like you and i , iam a scorpio) to deal with aloofness, we want to know whats up, whats going on and we can get really insecure. My best advice if you want to make this work, is to calm down, dont pressure him, you have stated what your issue is, he is aware of it, if he doesnt fix it then is he worth staying with anyways? But if you want to make this work you will have to let some things be as they are. When he comes around, smile, be friendly, if he thinks hes coming home to drama he may fear of even speaking to you. If your not happy let him go, if your worth it to him he will make the effort to help you fix this problem, but you need to make the first step. Read this maybe it will help:

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    frm my expirience they like their time to them self a lil too much although i didnt feel ignored untill i lived with my capricorn….. and then it all whent down hill bcus as a water sign i demand attention or atlest acknowledgement…. but i gues that was the biggining of the end…. communication is everything and if u simplify ur demands and they still have yet to b met than i am not sure ur his main priority and the million dollar question is knowing wat u know aare u gonna stick it out or walk away?


    I don’t understand all this bulshit about capricorn. I have known this guy for 3 months, he is NEVER on time, never organised and NEVER honest or down to earth. All this crap about this sign wanting to help others and being empatethic is just garbage!  This guy is born 2nd Jan, and is a perfect gentleman it everyone around him except me! He is a nasty player that has been leading me on for 3 weeks now (Im just too busy.. maybe next week we can meet for cofee.. maybe next week) and so it goies on and on. Capricorn likes to “play” with people they percieve as “lower” than them. They are  so obsessed with status they will bully people in a group setting so that they look good in front of others. They are only nice to you when they want something and have no respect for people that donate their time to charity or work with less fortunate individuals. Capricon with use their star sign to ‘explain’ or ‘blame’ their ugly traits as being something they are not in control of, if you are not superficial, rich or influencial capricorn sees you as an easy target for humiliation and mockery. They enjoy underming peoples confidence and setting them up for failure. There is NOTHING earthy about this sign, they are on a mission to make everyone around them feel inferior as a way to elliminate competition in their worlds. I hate capricorn, as he has NO reason what at all to treat me like shit (we are NOT in a romantic relationship) and constantly make fun of me in public. These people are narcassistic and as fake as cheesy doritos!

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