How to best communicate in a relationship with a Cap.

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    How best to communicate with a Capricorn in a relationship?

    Easy, really. With tact, decorum, good manners, kindness, & gentle ways. We are very strong willed, yet rather delicate in nature. Patience & intellect are our strongest virtues. Try to be pushy, arrogant, loud, rude, & you will lose our favor completely. Good manners are so crucial & always appreciated by Capricorns, especially the ladies. Being reserved in public, we hate drama. One other thing: A true Capricorn lady is a princess in public, & a freak in the sheets. The best way to her heart is to be a gentlman in all areas, but be yourself. Her passions will be stirred by simple, direct kindness. You will be greatly rewarded with loyalty, generosity & deep, surprising PASSION! One last thing: never, ever YELL at your Capricorn. Being angry happens to all of us, but make it a personal tear down & you will lose. Her heart will start to close, & it’s almost impossible to re-open it. Just the facts, I’m afraid.

    The easiest thing to remember with a Capricorn is to be polite, kind, gentle & true to yourself. 

    I hope this as helpfull. . .   😉


    I guess you have to know the location of his moon. cause i guess you don’t mean how to literally communicate, but how to affect his feelings and understand what he emotionally say or mean.

    I’m now flirting strongly with a new cap and he has a leo moon so all things said about caps are not so accurate in his case: he’s a drama queen, he stirs things up (not the straight – forward, simple, honest, gentle a capricorn should be) but he IS very strong willed and hates to lose. that’s a strong thing common to all caps i’ve known. also they love to think of their partner as noble so no vulgar notes, behavior atc.


    oh and be patient, make him feel important by ask him for advices, don’t force him to admit emotions or facts he don’t tell you voluntarily and don’t forget to assert your own needs cause they can be very selfish and self centered and even though it’s convenient for them to forget the other person’s needs, long term speaking it’s not wise to encourage it.


    They love giving their wisdom for advice:) This always makes a good convo starter with them:)


    When I was with a capricorn 26 years ago there was no communication. I was the always communicating. Things happened. Not very nice things. The person feels I betrayed them and was not loyal. But there is 2 sides the story. But in anyway they left and has never spoken to me again.

    Oh I am a cancer July 18.


    if capricorn accept that person she or he will open the heart for you more than 100 percent,if she or he wont accept they not even want to talk to you, dont betrayed and cheat capricorn person they will hate you all their life


    while communicating with capricorn, show warmth and genuiness in our talks. never brag about anything, because that turns them off as they like people who are level headed and down to earth. at times ask capricorn for their advice….that makes them feel important. but remember when you get an advice from capricorn, always listen tothem attentively and try to work on it.  never critise or come up as negative in front of capricorn….once ina while it is good to be negative but dont make it a habit.

    and remember that capricorns have a wacky sense of humour…so try telling him funny jokes or stories…and you will be amazed that once the capricorn gets comfortable in your company, then the capricorn will take the lead and will become a chatty person and you will have to tell the capricorn person one day to shut up !


    I’m a capricorn. Integrity is huge with me. I like honesty and I don’t like my integrity questioned. In fact, I don’t like anything questioned as I typically say exactly what I mean. I’m tactful though. I love watching people, analyzing them, and determining through the evidence how they are, what they’re like, and what kind of potential they have in my life. I ascertain whether a friendship will work with them at the beginning and if they don’t fit my morals and values, then I don’t get any closer to them. It’s very rare that we don’t like people as a whole, but attributes that I don’t like are arrogance, loud, rude, and socially inappropriateness.


    I am a cap lady  1/9/– . I can say as for myself we are very detached until we’ve had enough time to analyze your character from a distance to determine if we are willing to take a chance with you as friend or lover. We to many seem cold but not so we are actual cautious, not liking any kind of drama. We are very loving, passionate, fun loving, ambitous, stabile minded, defensive of our loved ones, dedicated, loyal, respinsible, and so on. We have many good qualities and some not so good, such as lack of being flexibly, detached to a fault due to fear of being hurt, worry wart, can’t relax if there’s issues with our foundation, not very forgiving when it comes to cheating, dishonesty, (anything having to do with loyalty). Sexually we are aggressive both leading and submitting. We must have Faith in the loyalty of our lover because of how open we want to be sexually with our significant other if not wonce the trust is broken we shut down and walls will fortress our heart.  If loyalty and various forms of dishonesty is found out about we dont see the point in wasting our time with unfaithful partner which hurts our hearts and endangers us in various ways.


    hey i am a libra i been with a capicorn for 3 yrs and we have so many problems i can’t talk to him sometimes .I know he is a quite person .i give him so much respect and love and affection but it seem like he pushes away from me .we break up and we get right back together then he act like he dont want me or something maybe cause i get weak heart when i am with him and let him have his way. what do you think.


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