What is Capricorn up to?

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    I’m a Scorpio, and I have recently had a confusing encounter with a capricorn dude. He first friend requested me on facebook. I started conversation with him, and in no time at all he was insisting we hang out. He was effusive with praise and said he thinks I am beautiful and a real, quality person. He was VERY clear that he wanted me in his future, etc.  Then, as we were making plans to hang out for the first time, he pulled back hardcore and said we shouldn’t date. He gave lovely excuses and was polite, but it was a clear rejection. We still had never met.

    I took control of the situation and told him, that’s ok; it was sad, but I understood. Regardless we would be friends and must still hang out on those terms.  Since then, we have communicated often in a manner that normal friends would.  I had gotten over being rejected and was able to see the relationship from a strictly friends point of view.

    After asking me a few times to meet up and hang out, I said I was available to come out.  So we had drinks at a bar and chatted for an hour and a half; he was extremely friendly and touchy. We later went to his apartment to hang some more.  He gave me the tour and seemed to open up a little. The whole time we talked and joked, and he kept showering me with compliments “I’d love to brush your hair,” how soft and long my hair is, how toned i am, nice, funny, etc. And he was rubbing my arms, shoulders, and seemed to find any excuse to touch me.  He was never inappropriate, he was very gentlemanly. Eventually,  I said it was late, and I should get home before I got too tired.  He drove me to where I had my car parked and we hugged goodbye.

    My confusion stems from the fact that he was giving off a strong vibe of genuine interest, but he had previously made it very clear that friendship was all he wanted. What the heck? Very leery of reading too much into it. Maybe he’s just really flirty with all of his female friends? He’s not the type to be casual or play around.  I can tell that he is lonely and sometimes depressed, but he tries to hide it. He seems very cautious and pessimistic, but a very sweet, kind guy.


    capricorn are very cautious lover to start and it takes them awhile to trust. However, they are quite the charmer and naturally knows how to be kind and chiverous. However, they are dominate creatures that knows their charm can win the hearts of many and often times will use that to their advantage. My opinion is He may like you but is not ready to committ. Capricorn men like strong, confident feminant women so you must show yourself to be just that. My strong advice is don’t give in to temptation cause once you do it will be hard to get out of the friends with benefit category. Present yourself like a lady meaning don’t spend the night, agree to late night date, and casual settings. If he ask you out only agree if it is something worthwhile and classy. This will separate you from the other women. Cause Capricorn men have lots of females waiting, so u have to show you are different. Always dress nice and classy, smell good and have good conversation. Lastly don’t go to his house again after having drinks because this is setting the stage for easy sex. Which is what you don’t want to do. If you want more from him you have to keep it classy and wait until he tells you what his real intentions are. Don’t be afraid to express that you are not looking for a friendship. I know you originally agreed that friends is alright but I know deep inside you want more. So let him know that you are not looking for a friend and that a man that is dating with a purpose is what you desire. Then leave it as that. If he still tries to see you just make sure you don’t make yourself to available and be sure to only agree to go out on nice dates. If he tries to sucker you into just having drinks say “no”. Tell him you are going out with friends or family.  If he really wants you he will do better. Capricorn man definitely know how to wine and dine their lady so don’t settle for cheap dates. This is coming from a Capricorn woman who has a brother as a Capricorn,  and a woman who has dated several Capricorn man, and who has a sister who is dating one now and due to my advice she has him eating out the palm of her hand…oh and my sister is a Scorpio:)

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    Did he just move to that area? Was his apartment empty?

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