any capricons here? do you usually/most of the time go for taureans?

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    hi i am taurus and likes a capricon. but don’t anything of how the other person feels about me. i am scared they will be attracted to some other person with someother star sign. i get this feeling that theymight like me back as well. but i just want to know do most capricons are attracted to taureans than other signs most of the time ?? thanksss

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    Woo your Capricorn! 🙂 Capricorn and Taurus are a GREAT match… I’m a Capricorn and I’m in a relationship with a Taurus, I’ve never been happier. Your Capricorn won’t obviously show or tell how they feel in the beginning. We’re a bit shy with our feelings, and Taurus is the perfect partner to make us feel safe and secure so that we reveal our deep feelings. Go for it Taurus!! 🙂 If you think your Capricorn likes you back then focus on that and just be yourself… don’t worry about it. Capricorn will fall hard for you. All the best!


    I have never dated I taurus ever not attracted to them for some crazy reason I always attract watersigns always . But I do get along well with taureans

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    @searching4m Taurus: thank you ! for your info, it gave me hope. the situation i’m in makes more sense now :D. have a great day XD.

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    @capricornlove: thank for your info ! 😀

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    Most of capricorns are attracted to taureans. I am a capricorn and my girlfriend is a taurus. I am madly in love with her and I always feels happy when I’m with her. We capricorns are very attracted to taureans. Try your best and your capricorn will likely fall for you! Goodluck then 🙂

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