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    December 23 – January 20

    The Capricorn mates:

    Excellent Chance: Taurus. Virgo.

    Good Chance: Scorpio. Sagittarius. Capricorn. Aquarius. Pisces.

    Fair Chance: Aries. Cancer. Libra.

    Fat Chance: Gemini. Leo.

    The Capricorn as your ex: Hummph! You’re going through all this emotional pain and suffering while they’re apathetic and more concerned about getting that job promotion, or out relaxing on the golf course. Don’t they care!? Have you noticed that — even though you’re broken up — nothing really has changed? Isn’t the breakup just like the relationship? Where your Capricorn partner was obsessively dedicated to their career, and themselves, and emotionless and reserved with you. Didn’t you more feel like a business partner than a sensual playmate, anyway? So, what has changed … ?

    Still, it hurts. But maybe what hurts more is not the loss of your relationship, but more your own estimate of it. Couldn’t this be an opportunity for you to grow personally, and feel the forbidden joy of dancing with fire, again? Hasn’t your life been too sedate, subdued, and settled? Of course you miss your Capricorn’s contagious laugh and captivating sense of humor, yet what measures did you have to go through in order to hear that laugh? Yes, you have to admire your ex’s stamina, perseverance, and determination — yet just once you wish your ex would have thrown caution to the wind and dared to dance the dance.

    To win back the heart of your Capricorn, appeal to their logical, calm, reserved part. Yes, they may judge, even disapprove, of what they perceive as a lack of goals, ambition, and motivation on your part, but why should you bother — not only do they have enough ambition and drive for both of you, but anything you do would just pale in comparison, anyway! Your Capricorn ex is always going to be top dog — at least to them. Although, slightly domineering and even egotistical, your Capricorn ex was a devoted partner. A candy machine may appear cold and hard on the outside, but it is filled with sweet goodies on the inside. Never think your Capricorn ex doesn’t miss you, too! They may ‘appear’ to be cold and hard, and you may take this as callousness and apathy on their part, but trust that their sweet inner core is not smiling as brightly as it was with you in their life.

    Chances are your Capricorn mate has thought long and hard before leaving the relationship. If the relationship was lacking in sensuality it is likely that your ex had strayed. This was not something that they had planned, but more likely something that just ‘happened’. A solid, stable foundation at home, padded with tons of affection, will keep the Capricorn mate true and loyal to you. A Capricorn may look elsewhere if the relationship becomes to ‘docile’. Capricorns need romance, adventure, and humor in their relationships. When content, Capricorns make responsible, committed mates.

    The Capricorn as your self: You are trying to approach this breakup on a more practical level. You are being as realistic and pragmatic as possible. Yet, you are determined to not fail. It may have already become a project that you have diligently put into action. A new goal of which to reach. You may feel the consuming need to ‘play it safe’ and try to cling onto what was secure and known to you. The thought of implementing a change is not an attractive thought to you! However, you have the patience and perseverance to see this new project through to the end. You are in no hurry!

    Relax, my pet! Learn the peace in letting go. Run through a field of flowers, dance naked under the moon, let your hair down! Let go of the strife of trying to control the outcome, and let life happen as it will. You might be surprised at just how much fun the ‘here & now’ can be!

    Yes, you are confident that you can win your ex back, or that you can move on and find another, and you may throw yourself into these actions with all the cleverness, shrewdness, and subtle intellect you can muster (which is a lot!), but why live in the past or the future, when the now is the only real thing that truly does exist for you? Life doesn’t have to be one big project! Your stubbornness and drive may be preventing you from finding any real thrill in life. Let it all go and give it all back to itself! Dare to dream the dream, my Capricorn friend.

    This is a good time to engage in some leisurely sports to take your mind off your goals. Take a day off and go shoot some hoops at the park, go horseback riding, or sailing. Believe me, your ‘chores’ will be there tomorrow! But remember, do not let your determination to succeed impede your ability to enjoy the trip there. The route to success can be beautiful, but only if you remember to stop along your journey and smell the roses!


    How about the bit about preventing a break-up with your Cap? You say to shower them with affection. I find my cap pulling away with too much affection–backing away usually draws him closer.


    Capricorn like to make their decisions on their own, affection does not mean you should be making choices for them. In fact this is even less work for you and peace of mind. In other words you can not take affection as a strategy to dominate them.


    I have never met a capricorn guy …


    I’m in no such situation. I just find in general with my Cap, he seems to like attention better in small doses. I find if I leave him be, he longs for me on his own rather than me trying to coax and amount of attentions out of him.


    @ Ansha – I would suggest meet a capricorn guy and you will love him, the way he talks, thinks etc. way he does everthing just to make sure that the people around him stays happy.


    Thanks Gabrielle, for the wonderful article about caps (unfortunately, im one of them).  But its true that what you said. thanks anyway.


    @ Ansha, you’re very lucky so far. Don’t do it.


    uggh i hate this cus this is sooo true but at the same time it makes me undecisive!!!!!!!!! he has loved me since he was 16 were 25 and he cheats on all his gfs with me…. idk i feel like i need to bust a christina aguilera and walk away but the prob is i love him too but he just doesnt wanna settle down and i cant wait for him to wanna play house…. SOMEBODY HELP! smh


    btw i am piscis his capricorn


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