are sagitarius men sometimes too shy to ask a girl out?

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    I read everywhere that Sagitarius men are straitforward and ask openly for what they want. However, one that I know has been wooing me for 2 years, yet never asked me out directly. Often he does nice things for me and then (when asked for his motives) looks deep in my eyes and says he wants me to think it over and figure out myself why. He is around me as much as posible, and looks for opportunities to spend time with me (we work together). Talks poetry to me, complements me,provokes me, etc. But…never says directly what he wants or expects, as if waiting for me to do the first move. Is he an unusual Sagitarius then?


    Make the first move! Ask him out for coffee or something!!


    The people I’ve asked, say that Sagittarius is a straightforward sign, so if he wanted me, he would ask, right?
    Thing is, he hasn’t asked me, but has done things like glare at any boy who makes me so much as smile. In school, we have rather strict social ranks, so certain groups of people are allowed to get along, while others not so. We are not supposed to get along, so while he was talking to another girl, and saying nice things to her, he will always look me right in the eye, as if he were telling me those nice things. He has indirectly called me his angel during an art class and has done lots of other similar things. But I just can’t make him out because he seems to keep changing his mind, like one day it will seem like he will ask me out the next day, despite our social ranks, and others, it seems like he really just doesn’t have anything to do with me.
    I have also heard some of his friends joke to me about us being together. Does that mean anything?
    I just really want to know what to think of him…


    @Linden: Well, Sag men are known to be very spontaneous and random. If you want a straightforward answer, then ask him flat out. Sometimes you have to push them to get your answer, but it will be a completely honest answer. Sag men are also pretty flirty… How old is he exactly?


    not sure exactly, early teens, like, 14 or 15. I do know that he’s born on 19th of december, that i know


    Well, the reason I thought that that wasn’t the only problem, or answer is because of occasions like the other day, we were writing an english test and he was told to sit somewhere else… not sure why. Then he announced really loudly and clearly that he wanted to sit next to me, when he could have sat next to people of his own group, or in his league. I mean, wouldn’t he at least have sat next to me quietly, instead of loudly announcing that that was what he wanted?


    thanks. I’ll try that as soon as I get the chance, thing is, I am also kind of shy…
    Thanks again.


    I’ve never met a shy sag….

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