What are the likes and dislikes of Capricorn?

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    … and also how to impress them?

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    Capricorns like truth and love. they are family bound and respect the people with true values. They dislike boosting and cheating over someone.
    To impress them you just have to make them realizer that your feeling are true!

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    Caps woman always want wt is truth., we hate most liers people, specially when it comes to heart issues.Caps woman loves to be respected at all time., and most of all we caps are super family oriented., we caps have a pure heart, to love, to give, to sacrifice and lastly to quit when sum one hurt us.

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    I may say that we love (or i do at least) authentic people. Don’t try and be something you aren’t, try to be a better person in everything you do, but allways be yourself. If not, we may feel confused and start the blocking process.
    Also, as you may know, we are excellent at hiding our feelings, so don’t feel regected just because your loved one doesn’t express what you expect.
    He/She may be head-over-heels for you but won’t easily show it, for they’ll feel that they’re making themselves vulnerable by doing this.
    Learn to percieve those small details that let know that they are into you.

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    I never realized how alike I am to other Capricorns. Truth, honesty, morals, and family come first to me. I can’t stand people who brag or boast that they are better than others. It has always been my goal to aviod those with big egos. I personally struggle with trust as do a few of my Capricorn friends. I do not know if this is true for all Capricorns but as for us if trust is broken with a person, it can not easily be fixed if at all. To impress a Capricorn just be yourself; we are good at uncovering lies and that will only ruin their opinion of you. Learn to love the small things in life and always try to make them feel comfortable and safe as we are a catious group.

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    but why is it that when capricorns trys to love her patner with all trust and the patner will make fool of her and that is reason why i don’t love

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    but why is it that when capricorns trys to love her patner with all trust and the patner will make fool of her and that is reason why i don’t love


    My boyfriend is a capricorn an we have a good relationship to some point. intimacy is great but the rest is bad cause is hard for him to comunicate. an am teaching him how to open up an comunicate. is not easy with this capricorn. yes, he does hide his deep feelings for me but I know he really an depply loves me because when we are along in our intimacy he gives in an become a very passionate hot Daddy!!! an I love it. Love him with all my heart but is been a hard ride with him. I have learn so much is not even funny. But they can be a pain in the ass too. they can be a big liar and hide alot from you. but they forget that a Taurus women like me will find out everything he is hidding an so far am winning. Capricorn hate to lose but this time is my turn to win this battle. LOL!!!!


    I am a Capricorn and I hate being fooled. Maybe this was one of the reasons why I keep my distance to other people. I just can’t trust someone fully. I maybe cold outside but honestly I am a sentimental person. Believe it or not but I really treasure every good or special things that other people do. 

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    Capricorns can be the hardest of all signs to understand, to get close to, but so worth the effort. No other sign is as loyal, or devoted to family, friends, or work colleagues. They are known for being cool & aloof at first, but once their trust is gained, they are very kind, & generous. Good manners are crucial. Embarass a Capricorn, & you may never get another chance. Hurt them , & you simply cease to exist. Treat a Capricorn with gentle ways, & you have a true friend forever. Cross them, & you will be defeated with strong intellect, & then forgotten. Just play nice. There ya go; all broken down for ya. . .


    the only thing capricorns don’t say when they manifest themselves as loyal, moral, cherich trust and honesty is that – they have their own rules. if a capricorn feel you’ve betrayed him or made him a fool he will never ever stop to reflect his own dids and how what he or she has done might be seen through your eyes. if he had, he might have found out he treated you worse. meaning having their own set of rules allows them to feel hurt by something while doing the same thing, even worst. because they are so affarid of being hurt, manipulated, fooled atc they are so subjective! they believe only what they feel and they feel only what they believe, that’s their only solid rock in this world, so they can’t afford the privilage of stopping and thinking how others might feel. if you were living inside a capricorn’s head and emotional enviornment i’m sure you would (or wouldn’t) do the same.

    so, in order to deal with a cappi you have to understand the mind games they handle inside their heads and with others as well. they believe that if they want X to happen all they need to do is calculate posibilities and control the situation, then they will get X and be happy cause they got what they wanted and nobody fooled them. they just don’t take in the possibilities of: 1. they are ENVOLVED with the situation, therefor they can’t CONTROL it (emotionally speaking) cause they don’t take into account their own feelings and hidden motivations.  2. maybe their basic speculations where all wrong, cause initially from the beginning they had a cause, a wish, something!

    so when you hear someone say: dont ever disappoint a capricorn! see it as: dont ever put yourself in a position you take full responsability of something they don’t like or something that contradicts anything they officialy like or honor or apreciate. you can do whatever you want, but if that is something they wouldn’t supprort or ever said they don’t like, just be sure they won’t be able to conect you with this thing. that’s the only way to live with a capricorn double moral.

    on the other hand, play with them a lot (they love it! they are actually childrem in heart) and encourage any kind of game possible for you to handle – meaning any mind game, light teasing or practical joke you can play without you falling into emotional traps.

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    In my own experiences:

    Positive traits:

     romantic, fun, devoted, family oriented, emotional (but may appear aloof until they trust you), opinionated, brave (will fight for anyone they love), goal oriented, likes to go places (beach, trips etc) but really enjoys being home as well if not more, and great sense of humor (keeps me laughing days after). They will bend over backwards for those they care about.

    Negative traits:

    I seem to have issues communicating with them sometimes, but only when theres a problem (arguement), doesnt seem like our words always mesh well together:/ But i can say at least they were determined and gave it their best shot as trying to understand me and explain things to me:) Also not very open minded sometimes, their way is the right way lol. But then again i have the issue of always thinking iam right so i dont have much room to talk lol. Not letting things go, thinking too much, asking the same questions over and over again (ok this is my least fav thing about them lol). Issues with self confidence sometimes (but dont most of us lol).


    All and all though truly wonderful people:)


    Being a female Capricorn myself, I can offer you my perspective on what we like and dislike in people in general:


    – People who are dishonest and not upfront about things
    – People are conceited and have inflated egos
    – People who manipulate others for their own personal gain
    – People who are mainly concerned about money and materialistic things (they are great, but they are NOT as important as the health and happiness of your loved ones!)
    – People who have no respect for their loved ones – especially their family
    – People who abuse our trust (you will not be forgiven and there is pretty much no room for second chances in our books)



    – People who have a sense of humour (we need someone who can break the ice easily and that will help you to get through our cold exterior – we can then let our guard down)
    – People who are sensible, practical and have some sort of goals or aspirations in life (a passion for life is such a turn on for us!)
    – People we can have fun with and who can also challenge us intellectually
    – People who give back as much as we give them (mutual trust and a good friendship)
    – People who are kind and loving in return to us
    – People who can support us in return, when we have done the same to them (we are very loyal!)



    1. Capricorns hate people who underestimate their achievements, their goals and those who tease/mock at their efforts.

    2. They hate people who argue with them and prove them wrong

    3. They hate being compared with somebody else on beauty, profession, status, work grade etc

    Be sure, such people can never be good friends to them, because once a cappy hates a guy/girl for the above, be rest assured she hates u for life!



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