Cap in love with me,Taurus but please how will he stop?

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    Hi, I’m a Taurus woman and I know a Cap who is in love with me since a half year. We were just friends (with him and his wife!!!!) and could get along fine,went to get some coffee together just before going to work.

    But than he started how he loved my body shape and my adorable face. It started to make me very uncomfortable cause he is 15years my senior and I’m not interested at all! 🙁

    How can I make a Cap stop to chase me? I stopped going to the bar with him before work and he started showing up at my doorstep as it was time to leave for the workingday. This stalking went on for weeks.

    I did told him I don’t want anything with him but he will not believe me. He sees in my eyes I do want him…??? It made me very unhappy as I have the face expression that I want sex? 

    Please can someone tell me how I can make this stop? It affected my mood. Last time i saw him at a party but thank God he left very early.He almost spoiled my evening. 

    Are Caps very stubburn when it comes to love?



    There is a great book called: “Obsessive Love: When Passion Holds You Prisoner”, written by Dr. Susan Forward and Craig Beck.

    I don’t think we could actually explain this individuals obsessive behaviour due to their astro-sign. An individual becomes obsessed when they feel rejected by the object of their affections. Some individuals who are obsessed with someone may have a pre-existing psychiatic condition. For example, they may suffer from bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or a paranoid personality disorder. Not all obsessors are mentally ill, but because they are so convinced that the individual loves them and just doesn’t know they do, they become delusional, and exhibit stalking behavior, which is criminal harrassment and needs to be reported to the authorities immediately so they can be dealt with and possible criminal charges can be brought against them.

     Also getting a restraining order and ignoring the individual at all costs. When he comes to the door, you don’t answer the door. If he sends you letters, keep them, as you may need them if you decide to contact the police and have proof of his harrassing behavior. Having an alarm system put in place can be very helpful (if you can afford one or you don’t allready have one).

    Do not let him see your emotions as he may misinterpret them. No matter how disgusted you are with him, just ignore him and do not give him any reason to think you are interrested in him romantically.

    Take care and blessings to you!


    Thanks for the reply and blessings 

    Now I feel much worse. It’s not that easy. His wife is a friend of mine and yesterday was the first time since months that I dare to go there cause Cap was out of town. He came home and  I started to get nervous, he noticed and wanted to know why I’m so worried and that he loves me, we will be together. blah blah

    Nobody knows he’s hurting me with this, I’ve never told his wife. He touched me between my legs in the winter time,I jumped away and he begged not to tell his wife. I rushed home and assumed he would say ‘ Im sorry’ the next time he sees me but nooooooooooo

    I hate to admit he has an obsessive behaviour and I feel very alone . I  only told a friend who lives in another state,he said he would love to come over and teach him an lesson. I said no,afraid people would think I started the whole thing. Cap was born and grew up here ,everybody knows him.  

    I will go on with ignoring him

    Should I go and tell his wife, she is a Leo,
    I can’t believe she’s not suspecting something allready


    You certainly did the right thing by telling your gentleman friend not to tell him off. Men usually react that way because men are more confrontational than women are, also men who are decent, usually stick up for women who are being harrassed or abused by another man. Sounds like a nice fellow hun, is he single *wink* *wink*?

    With all kidding aside, about your friend, it’s quite a complicated situation because she is your friend and you don’t want to be seen as a relationship wrecker or a trouble maker. Also, this guy she has, he probably would deny the whole situation of how he has been treating you and the way he is behaving towards you. If she wasn’t your friend, it would be alot easier to confront her, because you wouln’t know her, right! You really know what’s best for you and your situation. I really do believe in his situation, “what goes around, comes around!”

    Is it possible if when you want to get together with your friend, going out together. Maybe go out to the movies together, go for a coffee, go shopping at the mall. If she does ask you why you don’t come to her place, you could mention something like, “I thought it would be more fun if we went out together and did something exciting!”

    Ignoring him is the best solution. Don’t ever allow him to touch you inappropriately! He is not a very respectful individual and is violating your body.

    Blessings…My thoughts are going out to you hun, and I will ask the angels to protect you and guide you wherever you are and wherever you go!


    tell his wife. this will teach him a lesson or threaten him next time that if he doesnt stop then you will report him to the police and tell his wife. you need to take some action.

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    flirt with another guy in front of him, cz caps dnt like this. This will make him unhappy and he’ll start disliking you. Try it. .GOD BLESS U

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