Libra Girl and Capricorn guy (Me)

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    so back in the fourth grade, a girl in my class wrote me a note and asked if i liked her. i checked yes, because honestly i had never had a crush on any one and was so scared when her friend took the note back over to her… I saw her smile, and send it back, this time the question was “Will you be my boyfriend?” i checked yes. long story short, we were EACHOTHER’s first ‘boyfriend – girlfriend’, first hand holding, (hah a big deal in fourth grade) first kiss. i was in love lol. well she moved away, and i never saw her again…
    until early July 2011, about 12 years later… a slightly familier girl shows up with some girls that knew my friend who was at the party at my apartment. she knew who i was the whole time, but it took me a minute to realize that this was her… long story short again, she stayed the night, a few days later we were dating and life was perfect… until a few months later, she drmatically moves to california and cuts contact with me, no warning… time goes by, and we talk more and more, she comes back January 2012, and we are together again by the end of Febuary, and now since the begining of May, she has completely cut contact with me. we never argued once. She is going through a lot of crisis-like events in her life, )her mother passing away,herself being diagnosed with a rare condition that can lead to Linthoma. (Spelling?) So that is the background story in a very, very quick, abbreviated nut shell… 

    My question is, despite the obvious Libra/Cappy differences and odds, what are the chances of true love (We do love eachother, on a deep level) being more powerful than just the characteristics we were born under? Traits for Libra woman vs. Cappy man or something?

    Any insight on this situation would be appreciated, any opinion at all will help me….

    i just want my best friend back… 


    I am a Libra woman. That said, I have been nothing but faithful to those that I love. I have been hurt/betrayed in the past. During the on again/off again times within those relationships…honestly, I felt like for every time I returned, it was more less to give myself peace of mind that it was truly over. I would only return IF I thought there was even a 1% chance of truly working it out (whatever caused the split up to begin with). I have just up and walked away from relationships because of something that other person had said or done. I only ever did that when I felt like it was fruitless to even be entertaining the thought of discussing anything. In essence, I did this only when I truly had enough of the other person’s antics. Libran women can be cold this way. I have many people tell me that I can be this way. Instead of dealing with any chances of an argument or fighting or disagreement, I go quiet and distance myself without warning. My soon to be exhusband has learned this, but then this is after I tolerated his infedility several times over 10 years of marriage/being together. He had no idea this was coming to a head, but I did. Then out of the blue I gave him a choice, a peaceful divorce or a nasty one…his choice. Either way there is a divorce coming – nothing left to discuss except divorce details. He has begged me to give him two minutes of my time, I gave him 20. We are still getting a divorce. What I am getting at is that for me as a Libran, when I sense that someone has crossed my boundaries, pushed me too far, become domineering or they flat out deny me the right to be me (perfections, flaws and all…)…then I admit, for me, I know when I have had enough and it is over for me. Yes, as a Libran I can tolerate a lot, but when the line has been crossed even with friendly bantering…I will only warn once may be twice after that I don’t babysit. Here is another example of what went wrong in my marriage, I gave him a chance to try to improve on things…3 years in fact to refrain from his infedility habit, work on our friendship and eventually rebuild our relationship/marriage. He was hardly around and he had almost killed me inside as a person. Why did I tolerate it for so long? Because Librans like to look for what is on the inside. We know better than to judge a book by it’s cover. So I closed the book on him, and the next time I saw him (there was close to a couple of months in between seeing eachother, muchless really truly spoke to eachother), this is what had transpired. Oddly enough, considering I had been emotionally cold to him for 3 years, it has been just recently that I have been getting closer to one of my friends. Why did it that happen? Because I had no feelings left, I thought that if I patiently waited for him things would change, they never got better. As a result I have moved on the moment that my divorce papers were filed. In no way am I saying that this is what your girl is doing. Not at all, but I am more less giving you my example as to give you something to may be think about in relation to why she may have done what she had done. Ironically, the one I have began to move on with is a Capricorn man. He makes more sense to me, than the Leo I was with. The only question I have regarding this match is if he is into sampling the goods and running or if he really does want to be with me, like he says he does…I guess time will only tell. Oh yes, that is the other thing I know that for any of my Libran friends that I associate with and for myself as well, once you have shown that you are there for the long haul and accept us warts and all, you will have the most faithful companion. I never strayed until I knew for sure that it was over and the papers were filed. As far as I am concerned after it is officially over, then typically it’s game on…the let the search begin. I hope this helps. I can’t guarantee the way I am is the way she is. After all we are all unique individuals, but coming from a Libra woman, I can only say that there was most likely a trigger or a reason to make her stray/leave like she did. I wouldn’t give up on her. Communicate to her, don’t dictate to her, give her love and respect and I am sure you will have her forever.

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